Legent Bourbon Debuts Yamazaki Cask Finish Blended Whiskey

East meets whisky this Bourbon/Japanese whisky hybrid.

It’s certainly possible to debate the merits of both Kentucky bourbon and Japanese whisky, but why not cut out the middle man, so to speak, and get a touch of the best of both worlds?

That’s been the idea since the 2019 launch of Legent Bourbon, which quite literally blends the expertise of both Kentucky bourbon and Japanese whisky-making, and that approach takes on a whole new meaning with Legent’s new Yamazaki Cask Finish.

Legent Bourbon itself is an engaging proposition for those who love traditional U.S. bourbon, and the latest expression promises plenty of distinctive appeal.

(Beam Suntory)

A classic Kentucky Straight Bourbon aged for eight years in its namesake state kickstarted yet another masterful process for Legent, but here’s where things get even more interesting.

That bourbon was then sent to Japan (Yamazaki Distillery outside of Kyoto, to be specific) for further finishing in Spanish Oak sherry barrels and French oak wine casks.

The centerpiece of the finishing process, though, is undoubtedly Yamazaki Spanish Oak casks, resulting in a trifecta of unique spirit with a Kentucky bourbon base.

(Legent Bourbon/Courtesy of Beam Suntory)

And like the birth of Legent itself, Suntory Chief Blend Shinji Fukuyo brought the entire process home, blending those three expressions with the original 8-year Kentucky bourbon.

(Legent Bourbon/Courtesy of Beam Suntory)

At 114 proof (57 percent ABV), the liquid is quite a high-voltage step up from Legent Bourbon’s traditional 94-proof offering, but should prove true to form for fans of the core expression.

The blend is a “first-of-its-kind whiskey with new layers of rounded and complex flavors,” Fukuyo said in a statement, which he also called “an exciting endeavor.”

Such a labor of love is accordingly an exclusive offering, with bottles available for a limited time only in Canada, Germany and Global Travel Retail locations, along with the U.S.

Keep an eye out for another promising step forward in a meeting of the minds between Kentucky bourbon and Japanese whisky.