Why ‘Live Ultimate’ Is a Wellness and Skincare Brand to Watch in 2019

Organic CBD oil, anti-aging skin nutrition products and superfood powders will elevate your health and wellness in the New Year.

Live Ultimate

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Today’s fastest growing brands are transparent, transformative and tangible. They have seized upon an idea, are living it 100 percent and evangelizing to others in an authentic way. Millennials and Gen Z are attracted to companies that exhibit uncompromising integrity in their DNA, and often become more than customers, but brand ambassadors.

The wellness industry is ripe for disruption. As consumers are becoming more aware of what they are putting in and on their body, products with a long list of unpronounceable ingredients are being held accountable. Similarly, high-pressure sales tactics are no longer the path to success. In 2019, expect to see a conscious evolution in sales and marketing.


One example of this evolved progression is Live Ultimate, a wellness company with substance to back up its swagger. The Miami-based brand boasts the highest and most respected certifications for its collection of nutrition and skincare products, including from the esteemed Environmental Working Group (EWG).

With this goal of living your best life, the brand has a full-time botanist on staff, who researches, compares and sources ingredients from all over the world based on Live Ultimate’s “true north” mission statement, which promises to utilize uncompromising standards in its quest for next level wellness products. 


Standing firmly behind this philosophy is a pedigree as long as a CVS receipt. The ingredients are USDA-certified organic, certified vegan, GMO free, 100 percent raw, gluten free, Kosher and made in the USA. Forget about animal testing or plastic packaging: The cruelty-free line is produced in eco-friendly glass bottles.

Created by attorney, entrepreneur and health enthusiast Marc Wachter, Live Ultimate is a wellness enterprise with a collection of best-in-class products utilizing only the purest and most effective plant-based ingredients. 

“We are more than a company, though,” says Wachter. “We are a mindful movement dedicated to empowering people to improve their health and appearance and to live their ultimate life.”


Live Ultimate’s all-encompassing lifestyle movement also emphasizes being active, as evidenced by the brand’s annual 5K race. Wachter, a longtime marathon runner and triathlete, created the Live Ultimate Run, which was so successful that in 2014 and 2015 tennis star Serena Williams lent her name to the competition (and even participated). 

In 2017, NBA legend Ray Allen hosted the race, along with the Seed Food & Wine Festival. You’ll also see a Live Ultimate Mercedes race car helmed by Brazilian businessman Alexandre Negrão, a partner in the company, zipping across the globe.

Live Ultimate

Most impressively, Live Ultimate’s entire skin care line has received the Environmental Working Group Verified mark of approval which rates products based on their toxicity, cancer-causing agents, endocrine disruption and irritation levels. (This is the same organization known for releasing the annual “Dirty Dozen” list of fruits and vegetables most contaminated by pesticides.) 

In his grassroots campaign, #ReadYourLabels, Wachter encourages consumers to go onto the EWG’s website and punch in their favorite skincare brands. The results can be disturbing, especially for household names.


“The lack of regulation in the cosmetics industry is frightening,” notes Wachter. “Products labeled natural or organic often contain synthetic chemicals. It takes just 26 seconds for ingredients to enter your bloodstream. The foundation of Live Ultimate is to inspire and educate people to become more mindful about what they put in and on their bodies.”

Focusing on being the best means that the company’s line is small but mighty, spanning two organic superfood powders, five anti-aging skin nutrition products and, recently added, organic CBD oil (which is extracted using C02 for the utmost purity and strength). 


Leading the way are The Ultimate Elixir, an alkalizing blend of nutrient-rich superfoods and supergreens that you mix with water (or into a smoothie) every morning, and Ultimate Shrooms, which is sourced from the highest quality organic mushrooms on the planet. 

Benefits include PH balance, boosted immunity, increased energy, faster metabolism, weight management, reduced inflammation, balanced hormones, improved digestion, improved mental clarity, deeper sleep and healthy hair, skin and nails.

Similarly, many of the skincare formulations are based on powerful superfoods – including camu camu berry and maca – Wachter came across during a trip to Peru, which in part inspired him to start Live Ultimate. 


“The wellness industry is booming and there are no signs of it slowing down,” he explains. “Consumer knowledge is growing and they are gravitating to products they can trust. Not only products that are effective but products that are safe to use.”

As such, Live Ultimate’s business model strategically relies on qualified Wellness Ambassadors evangelizing for the brand. Many of these discerning influencers are graduates of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN), who are attracted to Live Ultimate because they believe in its core values. 

And in this current entrepreneurial-minded, gig economy, it’s the perfect way to earn a side (or full) income, especially since the wellness market is a $4.2 trillion industry and growing every year.

“We provide our Wellness Ambassadors with all the necessary tools they need to succeed,” asserts Wachter. “They are in business for themselves, but not by themselves. Our Ambassadors are given their own website, training materials, products sheets, imagery and most importantly, world class training and support.” 

Live Ultimate

“Anyone interested in taking charge of their own lives in both business and their personal wellbeing should get behind a brand whose beliefs are in line with their own, because the essence of living ultimate is when your career is your passion.”

Buoyed by this interactive participation and enthusiasm, Live Ultimate has transcended typical brand boundaries and is emerging as an ethical, healthful and commercial movement built on the values of today’s forward-thinking generations. 

“The incredible entrepreneurial spirit of our team of wellness ambassadors and the passion we create together is driving our company to achieve our goals quickly,” says Wachter. “We’re poised for explosive growth in the US in 2019, with a vision for international expansion in the near future.”