Steak and Bourbon-Flavored Ice Cream Is Finally Here

Longhorn Steakhouse is unleashing the decadent dessert on an unsuspecting world.

Longhorn Steakhouse

Experimenting with ice cream isn’t new. That’s why you can find flavors like cilantro and lime and curry and mint with just a quick google search. But Longhorn Steakhouse appears bent on proving you can mess around with the summer treat and come up with something awesome.

Like steaks and bourbon. Who doesn’t like that combo? Longhorn understands nearly everyone loves it, so they’re putting steak and bourbon-flavored ice cream on their dessert menu.

Here’s what you get with a couple of scoops of this epic mashup: steak bits, the same signature seasoning Longhorn puts on actual steaks, and bourbon-flavored caramel. 

It sounds like a pretty intense combo of savory and sweet, and social media reactions to Longhorn’s announcement indicate some are a little puzzled by it.

At this point we have to wonder why no one has gotten Nick Offerman in as the face of this particular product. It seems tailor-made for his iconic “Ron Swanson” character from Parks and Rec, who famously loved all things steak and booze-related. 

Nick Offerman as Ron effing Swanson

Here’s the thing—this flavor will only be available at Longhorn restaurants in Tampa, Miami-Fort Lauderdale, New York City, Cleveland, Chicago, Nashville, and Atlanta. 

It costs $3.99 per serving and will be on the menu beginning July 1.