Why Macadamia Nuts Are The Superfood Everyone Should Include In Their Diet

Move over kale and chia seeds, there’s an incredible new superfood we should all be eating.

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House of Macadamias

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Macadamia nuts are poised to be the next hottest superfood in the highly-competitive diet industry. This incredibly healthy nut is increasingly favored by followers of the keto, vegan and flexitarian plans, while appealing to health connoisseurs and environmentally conscious consumers alike. 

When compared to lesser nuts like peanuts, almonds and cashews, Macadamias contain the highest levels of healthy monounsaturated fats and lower lectin levels to aid digestion. And unlike those other nuts, macadamias are a rare and important source of Omega 7 palmitoleic acid, which is scientifically shown to help fight metabolic syndrome.

House of Macadamias

From an environmental standpoint, Macadamia nuts can bear fruit for up to 100 years providing a long term and sustainable food source. Unsurprisingly, Macadamias have soared into superfood status and earned a high price tag that has prevented them from being popularized on a mainstream level.

House of Macadamias

The problem always lay in their accessibility, for if they could be brought to market on a macro scale, nutrition experts agree that they would offer a superior value choice with unparalleled versatility of applications ranging from Macadamia milk, snacks, energy bars, and more.

Setting out to solve for this predicament of epic importance for the food industry, pioneering company House of Macadamias has been able to cut directly to the production source of Macadamias in South Africa, thus circumventing expensive middleman exporters. As a result, House of Macadamias is emerging as the first brand to offer an industry-disruptive product line to consumers worldwide at an accessible level.

House of Macadamias

According to House of Macadamias co-founder Brandon Hiemstra, “this brand is deeply personal to me, with many of the Macadamia farmers being my friends our goal and passion is to build a brand where Macadamias share the same accessibility as peanuts, almonds and cashews, helping farmers and providing a more nutritious and tastier offering.”

That’s why experts point to this Kickstarter campaign as having profound implications. Likely, we will be witnessing the first-ever merger of a certified superfood line into the mainstream markets, with distribution opportunities spanning Macadamia milk, Macadamia snacks, and Macadamia nutritional performance products.

House of Macadamias

“We’re talking about unveiling a product with true industry-disruptive and long term implications,” adds House of Macadamias co-founder Brendon Rogers. “By design, nature can’t outcompete the Macadamia nut. If we can package it into a user-friendly product that’s just as easy to consume as the alternatives, we’re introducing a product that is better for the planet.” 

House of Macadamias’ two minute Kickstarter video has more details behind their unique vision. It features Chris van Heerden, a former IBO welterweight world champion boxer, who uses Macadamias to fuel his performance, and House of Macadamias products are up to 50% off while supplies last.