Macallan Unveils 72-Year-Old Whisky That Costs $60,000

It goes for about $12,000 a pour.

The Macallan

Opening a sparkling new $200 million whisky distillery is a reason to celebrate. Macallan just did that and its celebration is the release of the oldest single malt the distiller ever bottled. 

It’s 72-years-old to be precise, and it comes in a truly gorgeous Genesis Decanter from Lalique, all displayed in a glossy luxe wooden case.

The Macallan

The decanter and case have been designed to reflect the distillery’s look—and also perhaps to emphasize the inherent quality of the good amber stuff inside. 

Macallan’s tasting notes follow along those lines, reading like a passage from a poem about Autumn. This venerable hooch bears “aromas of peat, lemons, green apples, vanilla, raisins and ginger.” 

The Macallan

In case you’re not already donning your fine Shetland wool sweater and preparing to walk among gently falling leaves (don’t do that, it’s summer in the northern hemisphere and winter in the southern), know that tasting the 72 also brings hints “of wood spice, peat smoke and citrus, and a finish of rich fruit and oak.”

Before seeking consolation in a mere sip, know that one pour can go for $12,000.

Macallan released just 600 of the Lalique decanters, and fewer than 200 will be sold in the U.S. If you just can’t bear not having your own and must search abroad, get ready to pay a good deal more than $60,000 USD.

That’s okay, though—the Macallan makes a habit of putting out these fine, aged spirits. Past examples include the $35,000 Macallan 65 and 1926 Macallan Valerio Adami. They’ll come out with something else that’s equally costly and delicious soon enough.

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