The Macallan Unveils 70-Year-Old Single Cask Scotch That Costs $58,000

It’s the ultimate addition to any scotch collection.

The Macallan

The nearly 70-year-old new entry in The Macallan‘s Exceptional Single Cask scotch whisky range was distilled back when Harry Truman was president. 

In 1950, the Korean War began and TV was beginning the earliest part of its first golden age. In Scotland, The Macallan was undergoing a period of post-war renewal, upgrading its facilities and building new additions. 

The Macallan

In November that year the legendary distiller filled a sherry butt cask with high-test (53.4% ABV) whisky and it was put away for the next six-plus decades. The company came back around in 2018 to find it had—according to tasting notes—an “intense antique oak” flavor “with wood spices.” There are also notes of “orange peel zest with warm root ginger” and “subtle hints of peat in the background.”

This release is just one of several from The Macallan’s Exceptional Single Cask series. They all reflect remarkable variety in flavor and character. 

The Macallan

This 1950 member of the Exceptional Single Cask series is available beginning in August 2019. There will only be 336 bottles  and they’ll go for an eye-watering $58,000 each.