Macallan’s Oldest Scotch Whisky Ever Costs As Much As A Porsche Taycan

Clocking in at more than $7,800 per pour.

(The Macallan)

Even the $80,000, 70-year-old Tales of The Macallan Volume I has been outdone by the Scotch maker’s oldest expression ever: The Reach.

Priced at an astronomical $125,000, the 81-year-old auburn intoxicant costs the same as a brand new Porsche Taycan. And not even the base model, but almost as much as the high-end GTS.

(The Macallan)

First distilled in 1940, each drop of the single malt was drawn from a single cask—see the tasting notes from The Macallan below:

  • Nose: Dark chocolate, sweet cinnamon, aromatic peat, plums, leather, pink grapefruit, redcurrant jelly and a rich resinous note.
  • Palate: Treacle toffee, bramble jam, licorice, crystalized ginger, nutmeg, charred pineapple, pecans and woodsmoke.
  • Finish: Intensely rich, sweet and smoky
(The Macallan)

Like The Macallan Volume I, The Reach gets an exquisite presentation. A mouth-blown glass decanter is cradled by three bronze hands forged by Scottish sculptor Saskia Robinson.

One hand commemorates the distillery workers of 1940, while the second is the modeled after the hand of Allan Shiach, the once-Macallan chairman who headed the company when distillation began. The third belongs to current Master Whisky Maker Kirsteen Campbell, who selected the cask from which The Reach originated.

(The Macallan)

Both the bottle and bronze sculpture are housed in a specially designed cabinet emblazoned with The Macallan logo and a wood-burned illustration of the distillery estate.

You won’t find The Reach at your local liquor store, but feel free to inquire here.

(The Macallan)