Maker’s Mark Wants to Give Your Town a Bourbon-Fueled Holiday Makeover

The Kentucky spirits brand is sending a team of “world-class holiday lighting experts, window display artists, gift wrappers, carolers, tree-trimmers, hot cocoa chefs and warm bourbon cocktail creators” to transform the winning town.

Maker’s Mark

Legendary bourbon brand Maker’s Mark is already in the holiday spirit, and they’re bring their enthusiasm to one small town this year in a contest for a dazzling holiday display. The “Small Town, Bright Lights” contest, which is open to anyone 21 and older, is basically Extreme Town Makeover Holiday Bourbon edition for whatever town wins.

Maker’s Mark

Once selected, Maker’s Mark and its “team of world-class holiday lighting experts, window display artists, gift wrappers, carolers, tree-trimmers, hot cocoa chefs and warm bourbon cocktail creators” will head into town to create a remarkable holiday display worthy of the town’s own remarkable spirit. 

Maker’s Mark will transform the streets into a full winter showcase with brilliant lights, interactive window displays on the main street and a magnificent tree lighting space made for share-worthy moments.”

Maker’s Mark

Through the end of the week, you can nominate a small town that “deserves an extraordinary holiday makeover as a reward for its remarkable character in 2020. Nominations can highlight a community that united to support a family in need, rallied around a local cause, or simply celebrated an accomplishment.”

“We’ve been crafting Maker’s Mark Bourbon in our small town of Loretto, Ky. since… more than 60 years ago,” said Rob Samuels, Chief Distillery Officer of Maker’s Mark. “It’s safe to say we have a soft spot for all the little things that make small towns special, including an undeniably strong sense of community. In a year that’s been filled with challenges for a lot of people, we want to finish the year by celebrating some good. We can’t wait to hear about remarkable towns from every corner of the country.”

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A couple of towns have already “applied,” including Ripley, TN, where the community came together to save the local hospital this year, or Lucas, OH, where the high school’s football team has dedicated their season to a star basketball player injured in a car accident.

It’s safe to say that if you live in a real-life Hallmark movie town, you’re fast tracked here for a chance at the makeover. There are no restrictions on population, so we’re guessing small town may mean different things to different people, but if you’ve got a main street and a compelling story, Maker’s Mark will take your town from “who’s that” to Whoville.

The deadline for nomination is November 13th, and Maker’s Mark has set up a landing page with all the rules for the competition here.

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