Oak & Bond Bourbon Barrel Aged Coffee Puts Whiskey Flavor Into Your Morning Cup

Finally, we have a way to enjoy bourbon for breakfast.

oak and bond bourbon coffee
Oak & Bond

Starting your day with an alcoholic drink is rarely a good idea (aside from a well-made Bloody Mary at brunch) but whiskey aficionados can now get their morning fix with a new coffee that’s merely flavored with the taste of sweet, sweet bourbon.

Unlike Pabst Blue Ribbon’s recently-launched alcoholic “Hard Coffee,” Oak & Bond are brewing up a Bourbon Barrel Aged Coffee. The whiskey-inspired java is actually an espresso blend made from Colombian and Brazilian beans which have been dark roasted, then aged in a once-used American Oak bourbon barrel.

The resulting whole bean coffee is redolent of dark chocolate, black cherry, toffee and, unsurprisingly, just the right touch of bourbon. But don’t worry, there’s no alcohol content. You’ll only be getting caffeinated, not drunk. 


And if bourbon isn’t your thing, Oak & Bond also makes coffee flavored like scotch, rye whiskey, and cabernet sauvignon.