Old Forester Unveils Limited Edition High Angel’s Share Bourbon

It’s the first bottle signed by a woman in the Kentucky whiskey brand’s 150-year history.

Old Forester

Old Forester is launching an exclusive bourbon lineup with the first bottle bearing a woman’s signature in the storied Kentucky whiskey brand’s 150-year history. 

Named High Angels’ Share, the inaugural expression in the experimental new 117 Series was devised by Old Forester Master Taster Jackie Zykan. 

The 110-proof whiskey is said to be layered with dark flavor notes of dried fruits “unexpected herbaceous qualities,” having been aged in a selection of barrels that lost significant volume due to evaporation.

Old Forester

See Old Forester’s official official tasting notes below: 

Aroma: Bold, with rich caramel, toasted coconut, dried cranberry, and dark brown sugar amongst a background of intense oak spice

Taste: Full bodied, opens with molasses and dense dessert elements then trails into anise and celery seed

Finish: Extensive, full palate, with roaring spice, roasted coffee and black pepper 

Old Forester

Looking ahead, future 117 Series releases will aim to mix things up by incorporating different mash bills, yeast strains, casks, and maturation environments into the distillation and finishing processes. As for the numerical name, it harks to Old Forester’s original address on Whiskey Row in Louisville. 

“My mind is exploding with the endless possibilities of this smaller scale of experimentation and innovation,” Zykan said of the high-end hooch range. 

Old Forester

“This series presents an opportunity to pull the curtain back and share the isolates of the blending process to help deepen the understanding of how variants in maturation affect flavor profile. We’re playing in uncharted territory here and those who love Old Forester like we do will have the chance to explore with us.”

High Angels’ Share and subsequent 117 series will be sold for $49.99 at Old Forester headquarters and select retailers. Click here to locate a bottle near you.