Patagonia & Dogfish Head Team Up For Sustainably-Sourced Pilsner

The Patagonia-and-Dogfish Head-approved brew is made with a groundbreaking grain for a delicious, eco-friendly session beer.

On the surface, it might seem unlikely that Patagonia, everyone’s favorite purveyor of cozy fleece jackets and rugged outdoor gear, is getting into the world of craft beer. But when you consider the fact that nothing pairs better with a day hike or a bonfire than a cold beer, the new Patagonia Provisions x Dogfish Head Kernza Pils makes perfect sense.

Dogfish Head

A pilsner in its own right — especially from one of the country’s most famed brewers — is one of the best warm-weather beers on the market, but add Dogfish Head’s hops-fueled know-how and Patagonia’s sustainable roots, and you’ve got quite the new brew on your hands.

The beer stands apart from the rest of the brews in your cooler thanks to the use of Kernza, a long-rooted perennial grain specifically designed by The Land Institute and similar to wheat. Kernza’s roots stretch up to 12 feet below the surface, preventing topsoil erosion along the way.

Dogfish Head

The crisp, refreshing brew sits nicely alongside the rest of the Patagonia Provisions lineup, a venture launched in 2020 that expanded the gear outfitter’s reach into your kitchen and beyond your wardrobe.

Dogfish Head notes that the beer is an “innovative pilsner that aims to restore our planet with every sip” — an admirable goal for any suds-centric partnership.

Clocking in at 5 percent ABV, the new Dogfish Head x Patagonia Kernza Pils goes where few beers have gone before, at least in terms of the use of an innovative, scientifically sound grain.

Dogfish Head

The beer hits all the right notes with the use of noble hops for a spicy, floral aroma — as the uniquely Patagonia-branded can and box says, this pilsner is both snappy and refreshing. Sounds like a brew worth adding to your fridge — and worth stocking up on for that next camping trip.

Light-bodied, cracker, citrus and malt tasting notes await you when you crack open a cold can of this new pilsner, one of the more flavorful new additions to the beer market in recent memory.

And if you happen to find yourself near Dogfish Head’s famed Delaware brewery any time soon, you’ll have the rare chance to try the beer in person, paired up with gourmet eats and an appearance from Dogfish Head founder and craft beer icon Sam Calagione.

A beer this sustainable, delicious and — dare we say it, stylishly presented — is worth toasting. It’s currently available in 15 states: Keep an eye out for what could be your new go-to spring beer.