Schraderbräu Is Finally Here, Just In Time For ‘El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie’

Hank Schrader would definitely approve.

Schraderbräu – Brewed to Silky Perfection

It’s a good time to be a Breaking Bad fan. Even if Vince Gilligan said in at least one recent interview that he wants to move on, the fictional universe he created is taking over. 

First, there’s El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie, the Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) followup film set to stream in a couple of days. Then there’s Schraderbräu, doomed Breaking Bad DEA agent and Walter White brother-in-law Hank Schrader’s garage-made homebrew. It’s real now, and it’s for sale.

We knew Schraderbräu was coming, but it was kind of hard to believe. Dean Norris, who played Hank, was all in with it from the beginning too, so naturally he announced the beer’s rollout. Schraderbräu’s coming to a store or online retailer near you. 

Here’s more from Yahoo:

Crafted by California’s Figueroa Mountain Brewing, the 6.2-percent ABV beer is described as a “traditional style Marzen, full-bodied with a deep malty richness and beautiful copper color.” The brewers combine “Pilsner, Munich and Crystal malts with a blend of American and German hops, ferment with European lager yeast and cold-condition until Hank’s Special Marzen is ‘Brewed to Silky Perfection.'”

Norris was quoted as saying Schraderbräu “has been a passion project” of his for a while, and that he is “proud and thrilled to finally share it with the public.” 

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With a fairly solid ABV of 6.2, the public will likely be thrilled, too. 

But you want to know where to find it in time to stream El Camino, right? Schraderbräu will be on the shelves, according to Yahoo, at “Costco locations in New Mexico, and select California retailers.” 

If you manage to make it to Figueroa Mountain Brewing taprooms it will be on draft there, or anywhere in New Mexico or California that serves beer from Admiral Beverage, Craft Beer Guild Distribution, and Pacific Beverage.

It is sold out at the moment, but you will also be able to buy Schraderbräu online at for $6.99 a bottle.