This Macallan Scotch-Infused Cheese Is an Intoxicating Treat

Scotch makes everything better, including cheese.

Murray’s Cheese

If you’re all for trying weirdly boozy delicacies like Longhorn Steakhouse’s limited-edition steak and bourbon-flavored ice cream, then this intriguing new scotch-infused cheese should be right up your alley. 

The Manhattan-based affineurs at Murray’s Cheese begin with a wheel of Cavemaster Reserve Greensward—a silky smooth cheese with a bold, woodsy flavor. 

It’s then bathed and brined in The Macallan Double Cask Gold scotch to impart the single malt’s rich, oaky essence before being wrapped in a spruce jacket and aged in Murray’s washed rind cave for three to four weeks until the exterior softens and becomes coated in a satiny paste. 

Murray’s Cheese

The delectably creamy result boasts the earthy taste of a traditional spruce wrap and an added layer of oak from the scotch’s sherry cask profile. 

Official tasting notes describe the slightly fruity flavor as “mellow and smooth with toasty notes of peanut butter and buttermilk.” Yep, sounds like a perfectly cheesy accoutrement to go with a few fingers of your favorite Scotch all right. 

Priced at $29 per wheel, The Cavemaster Special Edition Cask is available now for a limited time through the Murray’s Cheese website