Shiner S’More Beer Is a Sweet Seasonal Campfire Brew

If you like s’mores-flavored beer, you’ll be one happy camper.


Shiner is once again rolling out its S’more-flavored beer for winter, so if you’re into that sort of thing, prepare to pull up a seat next to the fire and drink your fill of this chocolate, marshmallow and graham cracker-flavored brew.

Shiner is celebrating its 111th year of being an independent Texas brewery by teaming up with a another indie company from the Lone Star State, Tejas Chocolate based in Tomball, Texas, to make the decadently rich ale. 

Launched in 2011, Tejas was the first “bean to bar” artisanal chocolate company in Texas. Their chocolatiers hand-select each cacao bean and then roast the dried beans in a brick barbeque pit, before transforming them into chocolate bars or truffles. With the Shiner beer, the cacao is blended into the brew to make Shiner’s signature S’more flavor.

As far as what it taste like, Shiner says S’more is redolent of “roasted malts, decadent chocolate and marshmallows,” along with the expected hints of graham crackers and vanilla notes you might expect from s’mores. This campfire-ready brew is 5 % ABV and is available nationally for a limited time for $7.99 per six pack.

If you’re already a fan of Shiner, you probably drink their flagship brew, Shiner Bock, which is essentially a dark German-style lager. But S’more isn’t Shiner’s only seasonal flavor–they also dropped a crisp Lemon Pils earlier this year that was made for warm weather drinking, and a winter-ready Holiday Cheer beer.