The Best Cannabis Pre-Rolls To Pass Around In 2022

Celebrate 4/20 anytime with some of the greatest pre-rolled cannabis joints on the market.

(Left: Dad Grass, Middle: High 90s, Right: Sundazed)

Pre-rolls are the ultimate equalizer among cannabis enthusiasts, and can serve as your guaranteed admission day pass to the smoke circle. Pre-rolled joints are a modern luxury; just a generation ago, the “guy who can roll” wasn’t a Big Lebowski reference, but a status symbol among smokers. All would wait in patient reverence for his work to be done. All would hang with him…even if he was kind of a dick. 

Nowadays, whether you can roll your own smokes or not is irrelevant. Between rolling machines, pre-rolled cones, and other tools of the trade, there’s really no reason to buy your papers separately from your ounces. In fact, I’d argue that the best way to get a coveted seat in the circle, to enjoy a solo smoke, or to get intimate with someone special on the highest of high holidays is to skip all the labor entirely and buy your joints pre-rolled.

Pre-rolls offer a few benefits: they’re made better than most of us can make them, they’re pre-packaged for transportation, and they generally light, hit, and burn better than your own novice contraptions. What matters most, of course, is what’s inside, but with apologies to the rom-com crowd, appearances matter, too.

Here’s a list of pre-rolled joints that check both boxes, to help you buy and light with confidence–so long as they are legal to enjoy in your state, of course.



Canndescent has some lovely pre-roll products, but it’s the variety pack offering that really make this brand worth picking up. The variety pack is a simple concept: the brand’s five blends all in a package, like single-serving chip brands, or your favorite chocolates at Halloween. Except these blends each fit a different purpose. 

Cruise, Connect, Create, Calm, and Charge: grab the right pre-roll for the right mood. In our experience, Calm was a great end-of-night smoke, while, Connect kept the conversation lively if unfocused as it was passed around, and Cruise was somewhere in between, for when you want to set the rest of your day on mental cruise control. Feel free to work out the rest of the variety pack’s benefits on your own. $55

Lowell Farms Classic Packs

(Lowell Farms)

Arguably one of the best brands on this list, Lowell Farms has been a favorite for years. Their smartly-designed hard packs, now called “Classic Packs” come with six smokes and a small, built-in matchbox/strike pad to replace your lighter in an emergency. 

Their best blend—The Creative Sativa—made it easy to fall into a flow state, with a few rare but pleasant digressions. These stubby smokes make for a great coffee shop patio companion, but an afternoon of passing a couple of these around with friends can be just as productive. $36, $24

Monogram by Jay Z


Jay-Z ought to know his product, and while his prices may put your wallet in an “Empire State of Mind”, the quality is high on his Monogram line of cannabis products. Monogram’s variety of strains range from cerebral to body highs—you can find out more here—and while we’d argue that a nice bong rip is going to be the most intense way to explore them all, the Loosies Pre-Roll packs are where you should start.

At $10 a smoke, it’s the most casual way to burn through five of his seven strains: No. 01, No. 08, No.03, No.88 and No. 96, which gives you a lot of variety to choose from. The packaging is sleek, sexy, and great for an inner pocket if you’re going black tie. $40

Dad Grass

(Dad Grass)

Dad Grass is one of my favorite products, pure and simple. These low-intensity dad joints (the way your old man smoked them decades ago) make for a relaxing way to take the edge off at lunch without having to give up on the rest of your workday.

The George Harrison blend beefs up the content of CBG: a lesser-known cannabinoid that can give a little boost to mental clarity as the CBD does its thing. It’s super mellow, and if you’re inviting new people (or old people) to join you, we can think of nothing better than the George Harrison-inspired “All Things Must Grass” pre-rolls–celebrating the 50th anniversary of the classic All Things Must Pass album–for mass appeal.

Dad Grass has made some accessories for the partnership as well—check them out at the site. $40

High 90’s Wax-Infused Pre-Rolls

(High 90’s)

Sure, the candy-colored, ‘90s nostalgia of High 90’s products is disarming, but go into one of these little monsters like you’re preparing for a Warhead, not a Starburst. Wax-infused pre-rolls are no joke, and the near-40-percent THC content of these chubby little DayGlo dynamite sticks will kick your ass back in time if you’re not careful. 

A slow, meandering day spent with one of these flavored sticks (I enjoyed Gelato and Strawberry but found no “bad” flavors) will keep you and a few friends perfectly relaxed and mellow, which is ideal for those neon-clad poolside days in the sun generally, and for a daylight hang whenever you get nostalgic for a good high. $17 

Dogwalkers Cannabis Prerolls


The cigar world has a famously unofficial concept: the dogwalker, or the cigar you can smoke on a brisk walk with the dog. Gay Talese once wrote about doing just that, though we imagine his walks could have been far more enjoyable had he switched tobacco for THC. 

The Green Thumb Industries brand has a few strains, and you can opt for Jack Herrer to energize during that midday walk or distract yourself from your shitty boss with Kosher Kush’s distractable properties. Some proceeds go to animal shelters, too—who said weed was sinful? $24



Whether it’s your feminine side you’re trying to get in touch with or hers, Sundazed is a female-founded cannabis brand all about the lifestyle, too. The pink tips are subtle, and the strains—After Hours, Daydream, and Glow Up—make for some great, situation-specific use cases.

Our favorite was the euphoric Daydream high, which would go great in place of (or alongside) rosé days and brunch afternoons. It’s fair to say real men smoke pink, but smart men (and women) hosts have something on hand for every taste. Bonus points for using the QR code on every box, which gives you access to some exclusive Instagram filters. For more information visit Sundazed on Instagram$12—$45

Helmand Valley Growers Company

(Helmand Valley Growers Company)

Founded by a group of U.S. Special-Ops veterans, Helmand Valley Growers Company debuted with a clear message and purpose: to help veterans by providing medical cannabis. Their strategy: sell great cannabis to the rest of us to do it. Right now they’re donating to Battle Brothers to do that, and also sending support to Ukraine through World Central Kitchen

There’s a lot to be said for supporting the people who protect our freedoms (including the freedom to smoke) with what you smoke. We’d highlight their indica strains, which are pain-relief focused and calming, whether the pain is fresh from the gym or office, or has been with you quite a while. $7


System of a Down bassist Shavo Odadjian may or may not seem like your idea of a perfect cannabis curator, but with the 22Red “rockstar approved” cannabis products, he’s certainly made a case for himself. The number 22 comes from Odadjian’s synesthesia and numerology beliefs, and the fact that “22” has been an important number in his life.

Because the brand is tied up in his identity, we’ll point you immediately to the flagship product: a strain Odadjian himself hunted down for its distinct aroma and perfect, dead-center hybrid personality: Church22. It’s a perfect strain for novices, just as the brand claims. $7