The Best Delta-8 THC Gummies of 2021

From the most potent to the highest-rated, there’s a THC-infused edible for everyone.

Delta-8 THC  Gummies

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With the challenges we all face in our day-to-day lives, many of us look for help in relaxing or getting a good night’s rest. It can often be difficult to wind down after a long day and perhaps even fall asleep at a decent time.

If you face any of these challenges, then delta-8 THC, specifically delta-8 gummies, could be the answer you have been looking for. Delta-8 gummies come in a variety of forms and flavors, so it is important you choose the right one for you. With that in mind, here are five of the best delta-8 gummies of 2021.

Best Delta-8 Gummies of 2021 [Review]

Exhale Wellness – Best Overall Delta-8 Edibles

Exhale Wellness

Brand Overview

  • Highly potent delta-8 gummies
  • Variety of potencies
  • Fast and free shipping
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

If you are looking for the best of the best, then you should check out Exhale Wellness. This company was founded on the principle of putting customers and product quality first. Exhale cuts no corners, offering vegan-friendly, organic, and additive-free delta-8 cartridges, gummies, and other products.

Exhale Wellness has become a household name thanks to generous and fair business practices and top-quality products. Each product comes with a full 30-day money-back guarantee, and Exhale is one of the few delta-8 brands to offer such a generous return policy. All orders also come with free shipping, another rarity to see.

The gummies from Exhale are all organic and made with natural, vegan-friendly ingredients. In addition, all of the hemp used in these products comes from sustainable hemp farms in Colorado.

Along with gummies, Exhale Wellness also offers delta-8 vape carts, soft gels, and flower tinctures, among others. The website is filled with different varieties of these products, so you can find the ideal version for you.

What Makes Exhale Gummies Special?

These gummies are made with maximum quality and potency in mind, and all of them come with a full Certificate of Analysis (COA) available on the website. These products are also tested by a third-party lab to ensure customers get nothing but the purest and safest products available.

Exhale Wellness uses pectin over animal-based gelatin, creating products that cater to a more health-conscious audience base, including vegetarians, vegans, and those with food sensitivities.

Every jar comes with five fruit flavors, each of which has a distinct color and shape. These flavors include Apple, Orange, Grape, Strawberry, and Pineapple. Moreover, the gummies offer potent but manageable effects to help you focus or relax. We recommend you try taking these at night to unwind and get a better night’s sleep.

Product Variations

Exhale Wellness gummies come in two potencies:

  • 750mg (30 x 25mg per gummy)
  • 1,500mg (30 x 50mg per gummy)

The 1,500mg variant is among the strongest and most highly concentrated doses currently available in the market.


  • Excellent taste
  • Made with full-spectrum delta-8 extract
  • Quality-focused brand founded by health-conscious experts
  • 100% organic and vegan-friendly
  • Several variations of products
  • COAs on all products


  • Only available online

What Do Customers Say?

While the brand has not attracted too many reviews just yet, the response has been overwhelming. We even tried the products ourselves and found them to be incredibly potent and of high quality. 

Customers have praised the fact the brand focuses so much on developing customer-centric policies, such as a full money-back guarantee and free shipping.

Customer Policies

  • Hassle-free returns
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Free domestic shipping on all orders

Visit the Official Website of Exhale Wellness for the Best Discounts

BudPop – Most Potent


Brand Overview

  • Potent gummies
  • Available in two exotic flavors
  • 25mg of delta-8 THC per gummy

BudPop quickly made a name for themselves in the delta-8 industry, and it all started with the founders, who have over 30 years of experience combined. 

They are firm believers in safe and natural alternatives to pills and medications, and the BudPop motto — “Pop plants, not pills” — echoes this sentiment. Overall, it seems like they know a thing or two about making delta-8 THC a beneficial part of a regular routine.

The brand has created fierce competition thanks to a solid foundation and integral core values. They firmly believe in offering complete transparency and earning trust, something that all customers have come to appreciate. Everyone also praises the company for being so genuine.

This commitment is why all products are analyzed and tested in a third-party lab to ensure they are as pure and high quality as possible. Furthermore, the lab results are all available directly on the brand website for customers to read through and check.

What Makes BudPop Delta-8 Gummies Special?

These gummies stand out from others in the market because they come in two unique flavors — Blue Dream Berry and Strawberry Gelato. Moreover, each gummy has a full 25mg dose of delta-8 THC, with the bottle having 625mg total. 

This makes them among the strongest gummies on the market. As an added bonus, BudPop ships all of their products in attractive packaging, and their shipping times are among the fastest available.


  • Manufactured and produced by experienced professionals
  • 100% legal and safe hemp grown in the U.S.
  • 25mg of delta-8 THC per gummy
  • Third-party lab tested with results available on the website
  • User-friendly website
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Free shipping for orders over $50


  • Only available on the official website

What Do Customers Say?

BudPop has garnered plenty of positive attention recently thanks to having such high-quality products and high standards for those products. The user reviews are still fairly limited, but we expect more to roll in each day. However, the reviews we did find were all overwhelmingly positive.

Customers praised how easy it is to talk to the customer service department, as you can send an email or fill in the contact form on the website and get a prompt response. The website also has an FAQ section that offers extra information about the company and delta-8 THC in general.

Customer Policies

  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Orders are processed within 48 hours
  • Free U.S. shipping on orders over $50

Visit the Official Website of BudPop for the Best Discounts

Delta EFFEX – Highly Rated


Brand Overview

  • Five flavors per bag
  • 20mg pure delta-8 per gummy

These gummies give you the opportunity to enjoy plenty of flavors, as the Rainbow Pack includes Blue Razz, Strawberry, Mango, Green Apple, and a Mystery flavor. Our team had a lot of fun trying to work out what it was.

As with other delta-8 gummies, we recommend starting with half of a dose and increasing from there depending on your tolerance level. Keep in mind the gummies could take two hours to fully kick in, but the high you get is more than worth it, given how focused and relaxed you may feel.

What makes Delta EFFEX gummies so special?

The gummies come in a ten-pack including all of the different flavors. They are delicious, with many users saying they taste like childhood candies of their past. 

Each gummy has a full 20mg dose of delta-8 THC, which is lower than other brands on this list. Therefore, they would be more suited to beginners. However, we noticed the gummies do contain gelatin, making them not suitable for vegetarians and vegans.


  • Great tasting
  • May help to focus and relax
  • 20mg of delta-8 THC
  • Discounts available
  • Third-party lab tested


  • Only available online
  • Not vegan-friendly
  • No return/exchange policy

What Do Customers Say?

Customers heaped plenty of praise on these gummies, and they boast a perfect five-star rating with more reviews coming in each day. Users praised how much the gummies help with relaxation and sleeping, and they also loved the quick shipping and the delicious taste of the gummies.

Some users said that the gummies helped them manage certain conditions such as anxiety and PTSD. One person even reported it helped with their high blood pressure. Others say the gummies are just strong enough, and they could not wait to buy more.

Customer Policies

  • Orders are processed and shipped within three days
  • Unshipped orders can be canceled for a full refund
  • Easy to reach customer service through email and phone

Visit the Official Website of Delta EFFEX for the Best Discounts

Diamond CBD’s Chill Plus – Best CBD & Delta-8 Combination 

Diamond CBD

Brand Overview

  • Highly-rated delta-8 gummies
  • Free two-day shipping on orders over $100
  • Combines 10mg of CBD with 10mg of delta-8 THC

As one of the pioneers of the cannabis market, Diamond CBD — the company behind Chill Plus — focuses heavily on researching and developing newer and better hemp products. The company also places a heavy emphasis on customer satisfaction. 

With top-quality hemp products, sustainable farming practices, and a professional customer service department, you will be satisfied with what you get here.

The company deals with scientists, doctors, chemists, and trained budtenders to develop and offer the best, purest, high-quality products for customers. 

All products made by Diamond CBD are natural and made from organic, non-GMO hemp extracts. The brand uses CO2 to extract delta-8 THC, which is the best method for extracting pure and safe delta-8.

Outside of a range of gummies, Diamond CBD also offers vape carts, tinctures, and more. In addition, the company has CBD products, bath and body goods, and more to help you look and feel good.

What Makes Chill Plus Gummies So Special?

The Chill Plus delta-8 gummies are as handmade as gummies can get. They are made from scratch with 10mg of CBD isolate and 10mg of delta-8 THC per gummy. This means that each jar comes with a full 1,000mg of delta-8, hemp phytonutrients, and other natural extracts to create a delicious and beneficial treat.

The gummies are made with quality and enjoyment in mind. It is clear to see how much Diamond CBD values its customers, thanks to third-party testing. All products are tested through an independent third-party lab to ensure customers get potent and safe products to enjoy.

Diamond CBD includes CBD isolate in the gummies as a way to further minimize the negative side effects of using THC, delivering a relaxing and smooth high for users.

Each jar comes with a variety of flavors, with each flavor indicated by a different color. There are enough flavors here to enjoy one every day of the week. The high you get from the gummies is milder and more easygoing than with other products, and they may help you deal with anxiety, stress, and pain.

Product Variations

Diamond CBD offers the Chill Plus Delta Force Squares Gummies, which come in a multitude of flavors, including Original, Blueberry, Mango, Watermelon, Island Mix, and Sunshine Mix. Each gummy contains 10mg of CBD and 10mg of delta-8, with a total of 500mg CBD and 500mg delta-8 per jar. 

In addition, they also offer Chill Plus CBD & Delta-8 Extreme Gummies, which come in various flavors, including Fruity Mix, Tropical Mix, and Paradise Mix. Each gummy contains 20mg of delta-8 and 5mg of CBD, with 1,000mg of delta-8 and 250mg of CBD per jar. 

There are also other gummy options available in the Chill Plus product line, and you can even buy a sample pack, which includes two gummies, for $2.25.


  • Great taste
  • Transparent brand with sustainable production practices
  • Third-party lab tested products
  • Uses CO2 extraction method
  • Wide variety of products


  • Not full-spectrum hemp
  • So many choices could confuse beginners

What Do Customers Say?

The company has received plenty of positive feedback on the gummies. Diamond CBD is one of the most popular names in the cannabis industry, so it was not long before these gummies became a fan favorite. After all, it is easy to notice the effects, and they taste great.

Outside of offering an incredible high, the gummies may also offer some potential health benefits as well. For example, they may be effective for chronic pain and may also help with stress and anxiety.

Customer Policies

  • Customers can expect replacements on damaged and defective products
  • Easy returns with up to 30 days to return an unopened package
  • Two-day free shipping if you spend at least $100

Visit the Official Website of Diamond CBD for the Best Discounts

3Chi – Most Popular 


Brand Overview

  • 25mg of pure delta-8 THC per gummy
  • Best budget-friendly gummies
  • Available in Black Raspberry and Watermelon flavors

3Chi has put together the purest and finest hemp products around for people to enjoy. The brand was created by a scientist who recognized the potential health benefits of using CBD and THC and wanted to create edibles to help others in need.

3Chi became a prominent name in the industry in 2019 when it developed a unique method of deriving authentic delta-8 THC from hemp plants. 

This discovery led to a revolution in the industry that has since made delta-8 as a whole more prominent. The company sells the most legitimate THC-based products in America, and we found almost no negative reviews — that is how good 3Chi is.

What Makes 3Chi Gummies So Special?

The hemp used for these products is organically sourced and grown in the United States, and the company uses secure extraction methods to obtain the delta-8 THC. These gummies are good for everyone because they are gluten-free and vegan-friendly. 

However, some people might not appreciate that the gummies have artificial colors and flavors; but, they are mostly natural products otherwise. The blend also contains CBC and CBN, which may offer potential benefits for the body and mind.

3Chi has a great selection of flavors, which cover the natural earthy taste of hemp. However, make sure you stick to the recommended amount, and do not overdo it.

3Chi is a brand you can count on for transparency, as all of their products are tested by North Coast Analytical Labs with the results posted online for anyone to see.

Variations and Flavors

The 3Chi delta-8 gummies outclass the competition with 8-packs and 16-packs available with either 200mg or 400mg of delta-8 THC, respectively. In addition, the gummies come in Black Raspberry and Watermelon flavors.


  • Budget-friendly delta-8 products
  • Mostly natural ingredients
  • Selection of shipping options
  • Unique flavors


  • Unclear if the company ships internationally
  • The effects do not last as long as other brands
  • No email or phone support — only an online contact form

What Do Customers Say?

People who have tried these gummies have been pleasantly surprised at the quality given the value. They have also enjoyed the way the gummies taste. They are potent products, but users said they experienced the benefits with just half of a gummy for a reduced high. All in all, customers have reported feeling happy, relaxed, and clear-headed.

Customers have also said the effects did not last too long, but the gummies were fast-acting to make up for it. Others have complained that 3Chi gummies are always out of stock.

Ultimately, users are happy with these edibles and found them suitable for their situation. Some people used them for anxiety and depression, while others used them for pain relief. Either way, the gummies were a big help.

Customer Policies

  • Fast and effective delivery within four business days for individuals and wholesalers
  • Free shipping over $99
  • Quick responses to online contact form, but still no email or phone support

Visit the Official Website of 3Chi Gummies for the Best Discounts

Buying Guide: Delta-8 Gummies

Now, we have highlighted what we feel are the five best delta-8 THC brands on the market. However, choosing the right one for you is not as easy as you might think. Therefore, in this section, we have provided some methods to help you make a choice. We recommend you consider the following points:


Quality is one of the most obvious things to look for when buying any product. Whether you are buying clothes, cars, or gummies, everyone wants something that delivers on what it promises. It is difficult to tell if a delta-8 gummy brand is good or not, especially with new and emerging brands.

So, we recommend you look through customer reviews and editorials to gauge the brand quality, and take a look at the lab reports as well. Also, do not forget to check the ingredients to ensure they are free from additives and heavy metals.


Speaking of ingredients, you should pay special attention to them before you make a purchase. Check the ingredients’ list to see if the product contains anything that may not be suitable for your body.

In addition, you should avoid things that could pose health risks, such as preservatives, additives, allergens, and synthetic ingredients. Vegans should ensure the products contain no gelatin, as gelatin comes from animal bones. So, look for pectin instead. Most delta-8 gummies are gluten-free and suitable for vegans, but not all of them are.

We also suggest checking the ingredients for varinolic cannabinoids, p-cymene terpene, and other cannabinoids that do not belong in the mix. Mixes that contain these ingredients are typically made with low-quality hemp or inadequate distillation processes, and these compounds can cause health problems.

Independent Lab Testing

As mentioned earlier, some brands are only riding the momentum of delta-8 THC and are in it to make some quick money. However, these brands are creating inferior products, which is why you should look through lab reports on company websites.

Any reputable brand should have all of its products tested and make the results publicly visible. If the company does not post the results, move on and choose a different brand.


Everyone appreciates choice, and getting to choose different flavors and strengths ensures there is always something for everyone. So, be sure to check if your chosen company has a flavor and THC potency that is right for you. However, keep in mind first-timers should start small and eat half of a gummy to see how they respond to it.


Nobody could consider delta-8 products cheap. Then again, no product made with real high-quality hemp could ever be called cheap. Delta-8 THC, in particular, is something that takes plenty of time and resources to produce because it is not prevalent in hemp. Therefore, it takes a lot of hemp plants to extract a small amount of delta-8.

So, you should never deal with companies that promise to deliver delta-8 THC products at a cheap price. At best, the delta-8 is low quality and borderline dangerous. At worst, it is just a regular gummy with no delta-8 in it at all.

Company Reputation

There are plenty of cannabis companies on the market, so brand reputation accounts for a lot. Only a handful of truly great brands sell genuine high-quality goods, and it is rare to find a company that sells legitimate, natural, hemp-derived goods. So, be sure to look through reviews and assess a brand’s reputation before giving them your money.

Staying Safe While Using Delta-8 THC Gummies

One thing to know about these gummies is they take time to kick in. However, once they do, the effects come in hard and fast. So, make sure you take things slow and stick to the recommended dose at all times.

Beginners should especially take things as slowly as possible. Consider eating half of a single gummy for your first time, and when you get a better feeling for how long and intense the effects are, you can adjust your dosage accordingly.

Cannabinoids do not have a set one-size-fits-all dose. Everyone is different, and there are many variables that affect cannabinoid potency. Some people get by on only half of a gummy, while others consume two per day. Remember, you should never operate heavy machinery while under the influence of delta-8 gummies.

If you are considering using delta-8 gummies to manage a health condition, then you should discuss it with your doctor first. Show them what you want to use and ask their professional opinion. You should not use cannabinoids that could interfere with your prescription medication.

In addition, make sure you discuss the potential for medication interaction with your doctor, especially with delta-8 gummies. These gummies pass through the digestive system, meaning they interact with liver enzymes. This is also why they take so long to kick in, as you need to wait until they get digested.

Now, let us look at the legality of consuming delta-8 THC gummies. Delta-8 gummies are currently in a legal gray area. The gummies are made from legitimate hemp, which means they do not contain enough delta-9 THC to become illegal. However, you could still fail a drug test after using delta-8 products.

You should also know delta-8 is not legal in every state. Some states ban the use and sale of delta-8, so be sure to check if it is legal where you live to avoid any issues.

3Chi has the answers when it comes to delta-8 THC and drugs tests. The metabolites in delta-8 and delta-9 are similar with some minor differences. Delta-8 THC could cause you to fail a delta-9 THC drug test. 3Chi tried this for themselves by testing with home drug testing kits and a local facility, and all of the tests came back positive for THC.

Lastly, please note you have to be at least 21 years of age to purchase and use cannabinoid products, even edibles and vape pens.

Final Thoughts: Which Delta-8 THC Gummies Should You Get?

We have looked at five great brands selling delta-8 THC products, and all of them are effective, safe, and potent. They are made by brands that clearly care about creating safe, pure, and potent products for customers.

However, it is up to you how you choose to spend your money. We have tried and tested these products, but we did it for ourselves to experience the different brands. Which one should you choose? 

Pick your favorite, and go from there. Keep our buyer’s guide in mind, and you cannot make a bad choice. However, we would recommend you to either try BudPop or Exhale Wellness for their superior quality, organically-sourced ingredients, and potency.

Just be aware that you should talk to your physician before using delta-8 THC if you are on medication or have a long-term medical illness.