The Dalmore Debuts Ultra-Luxe $30,000 Scotch Whisky Collection

A triple threat of rare scotches aged 35, 40 and 45 years.

The Dalmore

If you thought your home bar cart was well-stocked, think again. To be more specific: Think again, and then get ready to invest some serious cash into some of the best scotch whisky on the planet. The Dalmore, the revered Highlands producer of incredible Scotch whisky, just debuted The Dalmore Rare & Aged, a trio of out-of-this-world spirits with a price tag to match (try a $30,000 value for all three).

Why the expensive price tag? Let’s start with some brief history. The Dalmore has a pedigree unlike any other, with heritage stretching back to the 1200s (yes–the 1200s).

King Alexander III granted Colin of Kintail, Chief of the Clan Mackenzie, the right to use the Royal Stag emblem on his family’s coat of arms after Colin saved the King from a charging stag. Still with us? Fast-forward to 1867, when descendants of the Clan bought The Dalmore and emblazoned the emblem on Dalmore bottles. The rest, as they say, is history.

What goes into The Dalmore Rare & Aged? The collection is made up of three exceedingly rare Scotch whisky marques, aged for 35, 40 and 45 years, respectively. And the results? Unlike anything you’ve ever sipped, and available for a seriously limited time.

Better yet, each whisky is encased in a bespoke decanter from French crystal house Baccarat, which is then adorned with a solid silver stag from Hamilton & Inches. Talk about the world’s finest whisky, delivered in as refined a way as possible.

Master Distiller Richard Paterson handcrafted each expression with care, nuance and attention to detail, putting his more than five decades of industry experience to the test. The Dalmore 35, with aroma notes of coffee mousse and palate notes of dark treacle cake and ground Java coffee (among others) might be the perfect post-dinner Scotch, while the Dalmore 40 (valued at $8,800) features palate notes of honey.

It’s clear to us that you really can’t go wrong with any expression in this super-aged, incredibly refined and nuanced collection of the world’s best Scotch whisky. And if you really feel like upping the ante, might we suggest The Dalmore 45 — clocking in at a valuation of $14,600.

This expression was carefully aged in American white Oak ex-bourbon casks, then placed in two separate Vintage Graham’s Port Colheita pipes. Both are then brought together in first-fill American white oak ex-bourbon casks, providing what the distillery calls “exquisite” tasting notes of soft licorice, bitter chocolate and Manuka honey, among others.

Naturally, this means that any of the three whisky expressions found in The Dalmore Rare & Aged have the potential to be the finest you’ve ever tasted — and just might be worth that hefty investment.