‘The Last Drop’ Debuts 50-Year-Old, $4,250 Scotch

The innovative brand targets forgotten or near-empty casks of fine spirits, from which masterful blends are created.

The Last Drop

Low-volume luxury spirits curator The Last Drop is launching its first-ever signature whisky blend comprised of fine elixirs sourced from all corners of Scotland

Bottled at 47.8 percent ABV, the Last Drop 50-Year-Old Signature Blended Scotch Whisky marks only the 22nd limited expression in the brand’s nearly 15-year history, having released fewer than 10,000 bottles of Scotch, cognac, bourbon, and rum. 

The whisky in question was blended from new distillates of single malts and grains that began aging more than 50 years ago. Master blender J.P. Scott subsequently selected additional malt and grain whiskies, while more special blends were created and then filled in bourbon and sherry oak casks for further maturation. 

The Last Drop

While the exact makeup of the intoxicating mixture wasn’t revealed, The Last Drop managing director Rebecca Jago, daughter of co-founder Tom Jago, explains the brand’s philosophy. 

“Our goal has always been to find casks that have been forgotten or perhaps just contained too little liquid to be considered worthy of bottling,” Rebecca said in a statement. 

“These bottles are like museum pieces, but something you can taste, savor and enjoy. Now, with the help of our new master blender and Assembly members, we are progressing from curation to creation by using some of the barrels we have found to create very old – but also completely new – spirits.”

The Last Drop

See the official tasting notes below: 

  • Color: Liquid amber and gold; a rich, warm color speaking of whiskies matured in both bourbon and sherry casks.
  • Nose: A light prickle that tempts exploration, featuring a hint of smokey peat from the islands tempered by floral notes alongside vanilla, toast and dried fruit.
  • Taste: Rich, soft, smooth, full and fruity: on the palate an explosion of dried apricots, apples and prunes. A rich, creamy texture coats the mouth with sweet and spicy notes, the nuttiness of almonds and surprising hints of licorice.
  • Finish: Long, lingering aftertaste, with oaky notes.

Each of the just 500 examples is individually numbered and marked with Colin Scott’s physical signature. It’s presented in a red leather case with a 50ml miniature for private enjoyment, certificate of bottling, and pocket-sized tasting book.

Priced at $4,250, The Last Drop 50-Year-Old Signature Blended Scotch Whisky is available online beginning in mid-July.