The Macallan & Bentley Launch Special Edition Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Supercar-inspired Scotch.

The Macallan

The rarest whisky on the planet already has a pedigree and heritage that’s hard to beat (to say the least), but when two legendary names team up on a next-level Scotch prototype, the results are out of this world.

It’s hard not to be impressed by the newly unveiled The Macallan x Bentley Macallan Horizon prototype, a stunning first look at an innovative single malt Scotch developed by the iconic automaker and the revered distiller.

The Macallan Horizon lives up to its name: The glass bottle is built with a 180-degree twist and features no standing base to speak of — it’s like no bottle of Scotch ever designed.

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The Macallan

The Macallan Horizon, which will formally launch next summer, nods to the distiller’s Six Pillars (including The Macallan Estate itself and the use of smaller-than-average stills for careful craftsmanship).

The Macallan

The impressive, visually stunning bottle uses a mix of ethically sourced, upcycled or recycled materials (six of them, to be exact), including recycled copper from stills at The Macallan’s former distillery, along with recycled manufacturing aluminum from Bentley.

The Macallan

Within the insanely cool bottle, you’ll find a specially developed Macallan Single Malt inspired by Macallan Master Whisky Maker Kirsteen Campbell’s visit to Bentley’s famed HQ in Crewe, England.

The Macallan

The collaborative process quite literally unlocked new horizons and presented a new opportunity for The Macallan, said Jaume Ferras, the company’s Global Creative Director.

“In the spirits world, everything is upright, such as our stills and our bottles,” he said. “When we looked at the horizontal direction pursued by Bentley Motors as part of the automotive industry, it made us consider if and how we could adapt this format for whisky, which ultimately requires to be poured.”

The Macallan

If looks are any indication, The Macallan and Bentley have outdone themselves with both a bottle prototype and a single malt Scotch that are nearly unbeatable.

There’s no word yet on pricing or availability for The Macallan Horizon, but keep an eye turned towards, well, the horizon via both The Macallan and Bentley in advance of summer 2023.