The Producer Mezcal Launches Two New Bottles, Shares Holiday Cocktail Recipes

Warm up your next holiday party with a Mezcal-spiked Oaxacan Old Fashioned.

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Traditional holiday cocktails abound as go-to seasonal staples (hello, boozy eggnog), but one mezcal brand wants to take you south of the border this season, at least in terms of your bar cart rotation.

With an eye toward bringing cultures together and building friendships, The Producer Mezcal, is here just in time for holiday imbibing. 

Two different varieties of mezcal are up for grabs, available in small, carefully crafted batches (a total of just under 3,000 bottles between the two styles). Each lends itself to a new take on a holiday cocktail favorite (just keep on reading) and follows on the heels of The Producer’s arrival in the States in recent weeks. 

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Mezcal’s deep roots in the Oaxaca region are at the forefront of The Producer’s approach and reflective of the variety of agave-based spirits on the market as mezcal becomes ever more popular.

The company also says that “mezcal is best enjoyed with friends and family,” and after an arduous year, we couldn’t agree more. 

The process of delivering mezcal to your bar cart is also one worth appreciating (responsibly), especially when surrounded by fellow spirits enthusiasts.

(The Producer)

While tequila comes from blue agave, the process of crafting mezcal offers much more leeway among species of agave plants. The result is a varied addition to your bar cart, or rather, two different options from The Producer to add some fun holiday flair to your next cocktail party. 

And The Producer doesn’t take the process of crafting mezcal lightly, using time-honored methods, including firing up wood and stone earthen pits to cook the heart of the agave plant, the piña. Once the piña is roasted (for up to 72 hours), donkey-drawn tahona wheels crush the roasted piña to extract agave juice and sugars. 

Trust us when we say it’s worth the wait. 

The Producer’s Ensamble Mezcal uses two types of agave (one harvested after 7 years of growth, and one after 9 years) to deliver a bright, smooth and smoky flavor with plenty of floral notes. 

(The Producer)

Just like your favorite whiskey, the mezcal you’re bound to enjoy this winter has spent years making its way to your bar cart. Imbibe accordingly (and carefully). 

Available at a very accessible price of $46.99 via Mash & Grape, The Producer recommends using Ensamble Mezcal, simple syrup and orange bitters to craft a Oaxacan Old Fashioned (don’t forget the cinnamon stick and orange peel garnish). 

If you feel like leveling up your bar cart even further, pick up a bottle of Tepeztate Mezcal at just a shade under $100. Here, the process starts with Oaxacan agave harvested after 16 years of growth. Spice notes are more pronounced, with jalapeño, white pepper and citrus mingling on your palette. 

The Producer recommends using Tepeztate Mezcal in a either an Old-Fashioned or a drink not commonly found in many kitchens in the frigid winter months, yet one worth adding to your arsenal all the same: The Producer Paloma.

(The Producer)

Blend Tepeztate Mezcal with grapefruit and fresh lime juice, plus 3 oz. of ever-popular Topo Chico, then garnish the rim with Tajin seasoning (the chili pepper and sea salt blend should play nicely with Tepeztate’s spicier notes). 

Garnish with a grapefruit slice and get ready for a well-earned sipper of south-of-the-border refreshment. 

You’re already bound to enjoy more time-tested holiday libations this season, so why not stir things up a bit? Who knows: Mezcal could soon become a new favorite among family and friends. There’s never been a better time to stock up. 

(The Producer)