The Slow & Low Coffee Old-Fashioned Is A Bottled Whiskey Cocktail Spiked with Caffeine

Inspired by a classic New Orleans coffee drink.

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Cooper Spirits Co.

Lovers of Old Fashioneds and quality cold coffee now have a bottled cocktail of their very own: Cooper Spirits Co. has unveiled the “Slow & Low Coffee Old-Fashioned,” an elixir that infuses the classic cocktail with a jolt of caffeine.

The 80-proof bottle is inspired by Café Brûlot, the classic coffee drink from New Orleans, where the Slow & Low brand first launched. It’s produced in partnership with Intelligentsia Coffee, and is apparently the first bottled coffee cocktail that uses real brewed java from this renowned roaster.

The Slow & Low Coffee Old-Fashioned contains a blend of straight rye whiskey aged two years; Intelligentsia Cold Coffee made from a blend of coffees from Ethiopia, Guatemala and Peru; raw honey; demerara cane sugar; aromatic bitters and orange peel.

Cooper Spirits Co.

“Slow & Low is more than a bottled cocktail, it’s a lifestyle, a complete mindset that celebrates a free spirit, the will to push boundaries and create new discoveries,” gushed Chad Solomon, Cooper’s Director of Trade Advocacy and Innovation. 

Cooper Spirits Co.

“This ethos is what led us to partner with Intelligentsia, an iconic player in the coffee industry. We were excited to collaborate with them, thereby innovating on both coffee culture and Slow & Low to bring a new version of the classic coffee cocktail, Café Brûlot, to life.”

If that sounds like a bottled cocktail you’d like to try, keep an eye out for the $26.99 blend when it rolls out nationally this fall.