There’s Now A Basquiat-Themed Whiskey Collection

Legendary art meets a great New York City whiskey.

Groundbreaking works of Basquiat art have long been synonymous with downtown New York City, and the city’s first whiskey distillery since Prohibition is taking some of its own inspiration from the iconic artist, too.

(Great Jones Distilling Co.)

Great Jones Distilling Co. ‘s latest offering is both impressive and immersive: The distillery just introduced a run of three Basquiat-themed bottles containing its excellent whiskey, and the icing on the cake is The Basquiat Bar, a block from the artist’s former Noho studio.

On the bottles themselves, you’ll find three famed Basquiat works: The“Pez Dispenser” Dinosaur graphic, his “Untitled, 1982” (Skull) and his “Untitled, 1982 (Crown).”

Of course, there’s plenty more to dive into when it comes to both Basquiat and Great Jones whiskey.

(Great Jones Distilling Co.)

The pop-up bar, which launched earlier this August and runs through the end of September, is an homage to Basquiat’s favorite watering hole, The Mudd Club, and is packed with Basquiat photos and two Pace Editions Basquiat prints.

But like Basquiat’s work these days, it’s an exclusive offering: Score reservations via Resy from 6 to 10 p.m. Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights.

(Great Jones Distilling Co.)

And while these special-edition bottles are works of art in their own right, it’s wise to remember the spirits therein.

The Great Jones x Jean-Michel Basquiat Straight Bourbon (starting at $45) features Great Jones’ signature mash bill of New York-grown rye, malted barley and corn, and gets a peppery, pleasingly sweet character from rich New York state soil.

There’s also a special treat for those lucky enough to visit the distillery, as the offering also includes a Great Jones x Jean Michel Basquiat Pineau de Charentes Wine Cask-Finished Bourbon (retailing for $150).

(Great Jones Distilling Co.)

As if that wasn’t enough, Basquiat lovers and whiskey enthusiasts can take things a step further by enjoying an exclusive Distilling New York x Basquiat VIP Tour.

(Great Jones Distilling Co.)

The tour turns the distillery’s impressive Barrel Tasting Room into another offshoot of Basquiat’s New York by displaying oversized Basquiat prints, decals and 1980s New York memorabilia.

(Great Jones Distilling Co.)

And seeing as Basquiat’s work is memorable and instantly recognizable, it’s only fitting that the Great Jones x Jean-Michel Basquiat Collection also includes special-edition merchandise graced by his iconic works.

“As a bourbon from New York City – distilled on the same street that Jean-Michel Basquiat called home – we are proud to celebrate the legacy of such an iconic New Yorker,” said Lander Otegui, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Proximo Spirits. “As we look to establish ourselves as a neighbor and fixture on the famous Great Jones Alley, we’re inspired by the artists and tastemakers who impacted the culture of New York City in such a dynamic way.”

(Great Jones Distilling Co.)

Given that the brand’s 4-year straight bourbon is so fairly priced, and given that the entire Basquiat experience only runs through the end of September, it’s certainly worth making plans now to add a touch of Basquiat to your bar cart.