This 30-Year-Old Irish Whiskey Set A New World Record After Selling For Insane Amount At Auction

It’s the most expensive whiskey ever sold.

(The Craft Irish Whiskey Co.)

How much would you be willing to spend on a bottle of fine Irish whiskey? It seems that number seemingly has no limits, at least if the latest blockbuster sale from The Craft Irish Whiskey Co. is any indication: The company’s covetable Emerald Isle set just fetched an Earth-shattering auction price of $2.8 million—making it the priciest whiskey ever sold.

(The Craft Irish Whiskey Co.)

Whiskey collector Mike Daley is the privileged buyer of The Emerald Isle, which the company calls the “rarest triple-distilled single malt in existence. The Emerald Isle sale even toppled a prestigious The Macallan 1926 from the top spot (it sold for about $2.7 million last November).

(The Craft Irish Whiskey Co.)

Exceptional whiskey of all sorts, be it rare American whiskey or an exclusive 48-year bottle of Midleton Irish whiskey, is now a calling card of sorts for collectors and enthusiasts.

The chart-topping Irish whiskey boasts specs that rank it among other ultra-premium Irish whiskeys, including a 30-year age statement, a triple-distillation process and aging in both bourbon and Sherry casks.

(The Craft Irish Whiskey Co.)

It’s the rarity and its stunning presentation that makes it a record-breaker though, and in keeping with other releases from The Craft Irish Whiskey Co., its presentation fits such an illustrious achievement.

Each of the seven decanters is housed in a walnut case alongside a bespoke Fabergé egg that holds an emerald gem (yes, you read that correctly). For maximum imbibing enjoyment, two Cohiba cigars are included in the impressive offering.

(The Craft Irish Whiskey Co.)

The American whiskey collector Daley said that “Irish is the future of whiskey,” adding that he’s “excited to be part of it, as a collector, but most importantly as a drinker.”

In fact, Daley feels confident this is just the beginning of a new era for the category.

“The rebirth of Irish whiskey is relatively new, so I feel like I’m getting in on the ground floor,” he said, noting that luxury Scotch is already a crowded market. “But we’re only just starting to see luxury Irish make a name for itself. I guarantee you that in the years to come, it will get to where Scotch is today.”

(The Devil’s Keep 2023/ Courtesy of The Craft Irish Whiskey Co.)

And as to who’s leading that charge, The Craft Irish Whiskey Co. wants to position itself at the head of the pack: The company already releases exclusive offerings under its own name, like The Devil’s Keep 2023, an Irish single malt made using a distinctive five-cask maturation process.

(The Craft Irish Whiskey Co.)

“A bottle of The Emerald Isle becoming the most expensive whiskey or whisky ever sold is a monumental achievement for my business, and an incredibly proud moment for me, said founder and CEO Jay Bradley, who said he started The Craft Irish Whiskey Co. with the goal of becoming “the most coveted luxury spirit,” adding that “this brings us several steps closer to achieving that, and we’re only six years into the journey.”

Time will tell as the Irish whiskey market continues to rise, but envy-inducing releases like The Emerald Isle speak to a bright, delicious future, with plenty of imbibing to go around (and hopefully, more than seven decanters available for the next Craft Irish Whiskey Co. release).