This Cask-Strength Laphroaig Scotch Whisky Clocks In At 60-Percent ABV

This stout Islay single malt underwent a doubly long fermentation process to achieve fruity, sweet and salty notes.


Laphroaig is uncorking the second experimental expression in its new Elements Scotch whisky collection. The centuries-old distillery’s inaugural Elements, released in 2023, showcased pure Islay malt by employing a combination of clouded worts and different mash weights that resulted in spicy and peppery notes. Version 2.0 is all about time, specifically a fermentation process that’s more than doubled from the typical 55 hours to 115 hours.

The tun, where the wort fermented is fermented, was specially aerated to ensure mash conditions were maintained for the full five-day period, resulting in a much fruiter nose and palate than Laphroaig’s previous Islay single malts.

Barry MacAffer, Distillery Manager for Laphroaig, elaborated, “Our Laphroaig Elements Series is all about blending years of traditional whisky making with new, progressive techniques. There’s no whisky that encapsulates Islay quite like Laphroaig—but this hasn’t stopped us experimenting in a way that preserves our iconic character. Laphroaig Elements 2.0 is an unexpected fruitier whisky with the same peaty character you’ve come to know and love—made possible by over double the typical fermentation period. I’m keen to hear what our Friends think of this whisky which follows in the successful footsteps of Elements 1.0.”


The flavor profile described by Laphroaig’s tasting notes sounds perfectly suited to a summer evening:

  • Nose: Fruity and subtly coastal. Stewed apples, vanilla custard and zesty orange peel with subtle peaty notes.
  • Palate: Fruity, sweet and salty. Green apples and honey, with cream soda and soft peatiness of a smoldering bonfire and smoked seafood
  • Finish: Sweet with an increasingly warming smokiness to finish

Priced at $165 and bottled at a stout 59.6 percent ABV, Laphroaig Elements 2.0 is available now nationwide at ReserveBar.