This Limited Edition Mezcal Is Only Available at a Cool New Mexican Hotel

A proprietary recipe renders this agave-based spirit in pure black.

Onnis Luque

We can’t add El Silencio’s “Black Magic” to our recent list of best mezcals without a proper tasting, but all it takes is a mere glance to see what distinguishes the exclusive new expression from the rest of the pack.

Onnis Luque

El Silencio’s Black Magic mezcal–seen publicly for the first time here at–marks the grand opening of Casa Silencio, the booze brand’s striking new Oaxacan hotel that doubles as a distillery specializing in mezcal produced though traditional artisanal methods.

It’s made with Espadin, by far the most popular agave variety used to distill the Zapotec spirit. However, El Silencio’s proprietary recipe renders the resulting liquid black—hence the name.

Onnis Luque

“Black like the boundless Oaxacan night and the clay of the Earth, our potion is the infinite midnight filled with possibility,” says El Silencio president Vicente Cisneros.

“With Mezcal El Silencio Black Magic, we give our guests a taste of these motifs, but always leave them with the aftertaste of mystery. All things shared, preserved, costumed or gifted become pieces of a spell.”

Onnis Luque

El Silencio Black Magic will only be available to guests staying at Casa Silencio, Xaaga, Oaxaca, and will produced in a limited run of 1,000 bottles. Click here to learn more about the intoxicating Mexican destination, pictured below:

Casa Silencio hotel
Inside the Casa Silencio hotel
Casa Silencio exterior
Casa Silencio