This Booze Company Will Pay You $60K to Travel America and Live ‘Your Best Life’ for 6 Months

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Dropping everything to road trip though America sounds fun… until you’ve run out of cash and are sleeping in a bus station.

Hard seltzer brand White Claw wants to make the wanderlust-fueled fantasies of two lucky people reality…minus the bus station part.

It recently announced the “My Best Life” contest, which will award two winners $60,000 to travel America for six months (that’s $10,000 a month) and share their experiences on social media, which you would have done anyway.

You’d essentially be acting as a brand ambassador with your enviable Instagrams.

Entering is stupidly easy. Courtesy of the White Claw website, here’s how:

1. If you don’t already, follow @WhiteClaw on Instagram

2. Take a photo that visually expresses how you currently live your best life

3. Post the photo on your public Instagram account with a caption explaining how you currently or would in the future live your best life, and how becoming a ‘Best Life’ ambassador will continue to fuel your personal passions

4. Tag @WhiteClaw and include the hashtag #MyBestLifeContest

5. Don’t have an Instagram? Enter online by visiting

Winners will be selected by “clarity of expression and connection to the theme,” “creativity and originality,” “brand fit” and “quality.”

It’s the coolest gig we’ve heard of since Harley-Davidson announced they’re hiring interns to ride across the country on a free motorcycle. 

You’ve got until June 3rd to enter White Claw’s “My Best Life” contest.

Good luck!

h/t Thrillist