‘Vegan Brisket’ Causes Barbecue Backlash on Twitter

This is sacrilege.

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A TV writer who bravely shared a photo of “vegan brisket” on Twitter has been getting absolutely roasted by meat-eating BBQ aficionados slamming his mutant creation.

Kevin Biegel, who has written for Scrubs and Cougartown, shared the sponge-like image of his vegan dish, which he revealed was a mix ofjackfruit, seitan, miso, beer, Franklin BBQ sauce made w extra sugar so it carmelized to a crust.”

But Twitter’s BBQ boosters couldn’t resist brutally clapping back at Biegel’s attempt at recreating the smokehouse staple:


Fox News has more details:

Biegel, a father of two whose IMDB credits include writing for shows including “Scrubs” and “Cougar Town,” later explained in the responses that he himself isn’t vegan, but began experimenting with alternatives after a recent heart attack.

“I eat [meat] in moderation. I make it for people. But I’m gonna stick with my heart doctors and the experts when it comes to my health, thanks,” Biegel added.

On the flip side, Biegel also got plenty of responses from followers asking for the recipe, and commending him on trying to change his diet, even though some suggested that his ingredients — namely the BBQ sauce — were a little high in sugar.

But on Monday Biegel renamed his dish “Vrisket” so as not to incur the wrath of real brisket lovers, and declared that he makes and enjoys the real stuff, too.

Would you ever eat “vrisket” or is enjoying real meat worth the health risk?