Weller Single Barrel Bourbon Is a Special Edition Bottle From Buffalo Trace

Single-barrel boldness.

Buffalo Trace

Buffalo Trace has unveiled the latest addition to its Weller bourbon line with the 97-proof Weller Single Barrel, a new annual release that goes on sale in June.

Weller Single Barrel is described as “having a nose of cherry and mint, fading to vanilla” with bold flavors of “caramel and baking spices” supplemented by cocoa, cinnamon, coffee and pepper. 

The single barrel bourbon joins an existing lineup of Weller Special Reserve, Weller Antique 107, Weller 12 years old, Weller Full Proof, Weller Craft Your Perfect Bourbon, and William Larue Weller.

Buffalo Trace

“Many of our Weller fans have been asking for a single barrel bourbon for quite a while, and we’ve planned for this addition for a number of years, so we’re excited to be able to make this happen,” said Joshua Steely, Buffalo Trace’s bourbon marketing manager.

Weller Single Barrel is available starting in June 2020, and while the bottle will be a limited release, it will drop once per year. 

The packaging features a cork stopper, like Buffalo Trace’s Weller Full Proof Bourbon from 2019. Weller Single Barrel will retail for $49.99.