This Whiskey Brand Will Pay You $100,000 To Be a ‘Spokesfist’ Hand Model

Fistful of Bourbon is offering six-figures for the perfect “Spokesfist” to represent the booze brand.

Studio Firma/Stocksy

For anyone who woke up this morning and realized it was time to make that leap into the hand modeling lifestyle, we’ve got great news for you: Fistful of Bourbon has issued a $100,000 casting call to find its first-ever “spokesfist.”

In addition to one of the greatest job titles in history, the position could earn you a nice six-figure salary. As it says on Fistful of Bourbon’s web page for the contest, “Basically, It’s A One-Handed Gig That Pays $100,000!”

Here’s more about becoming a “Spokesfist”: 

We are seeking to find the new (and first-ever) Spokesfist to represent our brand and appear in future campaigns in print, video, across social media and more. No horsing around—we’re totally serious, this is REAL—one lucky fist will appear in upcoming campaigns for the brand and sign a $100,000 contract.

There’s also a tongue-in-cheek instructional video.

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In addition to the 100K contract, Fistful of Bourbon’s spokesfist will receive a bespoke bottle designed for them as well as special workouts and spa treatments (but just for the hands).

It gets more glamorous, though: Fistful of Bourbon owner William Grant & Sons plans on hooking up the winner with “a top Hollywood hand model.”

Basically, this fist coach or whatever will help the new spokesfist stay in tip-top shape during their time in the limelight. 

If you’re the mysterious stranger prepared to ride in on the strength of your photogenic hands and wear this heavy responsibility—or if you have, in the words of the company’s contest page, “One helluva fist,” the “Ability to clench on cue,” and “A steady hand,” don’t wait. As long as you are 25 or older and authorized to work in the United States, the gig is wide open.

Just go to, read the whole page, and get your submission in by April 13, 2021.