Capri Sun-Style Pouches Full of Scotch Could be the Greatest Idea Ever

It’s the ultimate lunch-box item for adults.

Whisky Me Promo
Photo: Whisky Me

Forget bottled booze—Whisky Me is delivering hooch in your favorite childhood juice box. 

For about $10 per month, the London-based subscription service will deliver a five-ounce dram of premium Scotch contained in a polythene pouch that’s more than a little evocative of the Capri Suns you loved as a kid. 

Instead of requiring that individuals use surgical precision to puncture a perforated hole with a bright yellow straw, it has a foolproof screw on/off cap for quick, easy access.

Best of all, subscribers can send back their empties and get free whisky in return.   

Also included with each membership is a number of possible rewards and the ability to access HD drone footage of each whisky’s home distillery. 

With just over 800 active members, Whisky Me is currently offered only in the UK. If you’ve got buddies across the pond, let them know about this awesome new service so we can get it stateside ASAP.

h/t: Inside Hook