WhistlePig Uncorks Cannabis-Infused Non-Alcoholic Old Fashioned

The “Dank & Dry” mocktail is perfect for Dry January.


The same pioneering spirit that earned WhistlePig Boss Hog X: The Commandments a spot on Maxim’s guide to the most innovative spirits of 2023 has already spawned a timely new bottle in 2024.

Arriving just in time for Dry January, the Vermont distillery has bottled up Dank & Dry Old Fashioned—a non-alcoholic version of the iconic whiskey cocktail with a non-psychoactive cannabis twist.

There are two noteworthy selling points: the mocktail is crafted with “100 percent rye non-whiskey,” i.e. whiskey that’s had the alcohol removed. More experimentally, Dank & Dry is also infused with cask-grown cannabis terpenes—naturally occurring chemical compounds responsible for the aromas and flavors of flower—that were isolated by Vermont’s own Satori Premium Cannabis. According to WhistlePig, the terpenes impart the drink with “hazy aromas and a toasty mouthfeel.”

Robb Report sampled WhistlePig Dank & Dry and notes that “it really is unlike other NA bottled cocktails. There is a definite weed skunkiness on the palate, along with notes of sweet potpourri, maple, orange, cinnamon, and spice.”

“At the intersection of non-alc and cannabis trends, terpenes offer a new frontier for flavor that we couldn’t resist experimenting with,” said head blender Meghan Ireland in a statement. “The results are fire, with terpenes adding aromas and mouthfeel that are often missing from non-alc innovation. Whether you’re still walking the hog, enjoying the electric lettuce, or abstaining altogether, WhistlePig fans do not have to miss out on a great tasting Old Fashioned this January.”

WhistlePig Dank & Dry Old Fashioned is available to pre-order online now for $50.