WhistlePig Whiskey’s Founder Just Released A New Rye Made With Rare Armagnac

Made with aged spirits dating back to 1928.

(BHAKTA Spirits)

The rye whiskey market is booming, as are super-aged high-end whiskies, but even those finds don’t quite have the juice (literally) that BHAKTA’s new 1928 Rye contains.

Founded by the former head of WhistlePig Whiskey and hot on the heels of a luxe 1990 Jamaican rum release earlier this year, whiskey innovator Raj Bhakta pushes the boundaries of what a rye whiskey can be with the latest from BHAKTA Spirits.

(BHAKTA Spirits)

Hailed as the new flagship whiskey for the spirits brand, which was founded with a focus on vintage armagnac, the rye blend is built on a deep foundation of the heralded spirit.

Specifically, it starts with a 60 percent base of 2018 vintage American straight rye whiskey, which is then enriched with 30 percent XO Calvados, which is typically apple and pear-forward.

(BHAKTA Spirits)

The real kicker, however, is the 10 percent finishing touch: Ultra-rare armagnac vintages from 1928, 1941, 1962, 1973, and 1996 provide a remarkable exclamation point.

(Raj Bhakta/Courtesy of BHAKTA Spirits)

The spirit, of course, gets its name from the 1928 vintage contained in each bottle of the reasonably priced rye, with a suggested retail price of $69.

(BHAKTA Spirits)

“BHAKTA 1928 unifies America’s finest rye with France’s two most exquisite brandies,” the company said of the “boundary-breaking blend.”

It’s a new, promising and exceptional take on a rye whiskey that hints at even bigger things to come from the northeast spirits brand.

Take heed and secure a bottle of BHAKTA’s new rye before it becomes even tougher to find.