Wild Turkey’s Old Fashioned Cocktail Backpack Is the Mobile Bar You Never Knew You Needed

Make this classic whiskey cocktail anywhere, anytime.

Wild Turkey

Old Fashioned connoisseurs can now carry everything required to make the ever-popular whiskey cocktail on a moment’s notice, courtesy of Wild Turkey

Just in time for Thanksgiving, the Kentucky-based bourbon distillery is rolling out a limited number of Wild Turkey 101 Old Fashioned backpacks. Each comes preloaded with a fifth of Wild Turkey 101 Bourbon, Angostura bitters, Powell & Mahoney simple syrup, a stirrer and branded glassware, all of which are accessible by an “in case of emergency”-style pull string.  

Wild Turkey

There is a catch, however: these all-in-one mobile cocktail kits will only available to participants in one of three traditional Thanksgiving morning “turkey trot” races. Along with the backpacks, Wild Turkey reps will be serving free Old Fashioneds to runners from decked-out booths in the hard-partying cities of Austin, New Orleans and Chicago. 

Residents and visitors of those three cities can get all of the details on each event below: