The ‘World’s First Craft Brew Airline’ Will Launch in 2019

“We’re on a mission to open minds and excite people about what craft beer is and can be.”


BrewDog is the headline-grabbing brewery behind the world’s first craft beer hotel, “the first ever beer to be brewed on the ocean floor,” and dead squirrel cans. That’s why it isn’t too surprising they have created the world’s first airline devoted to experiencing seriously good suds.

BrewDog founder James Watt explained what’s behind ideas like this in a press release. “We’re on a mission to open minds and excite people about what craft beer is and can be.”

Watt’s company definitely believes craft beer is the only way to fly. In the release he emphasizes that “Booking a seat on the plane is a must for any serious beer lover,” and that  “BrewDog Airlines will be an experience like no other. We’ve redesigned the flight experience for optimum beer enjoyment—from the food, to the entertainment, the cabin crew and most of all, the specially brewed high-altitude beer.”

BrewDog also produced a pretty funny video.″ tml-render-layout=”inline

More details here:

Passengers aboard the chartered Boeing 767 will partake in a unique beer tasting experience as they sample a limited-edition BrewDog beer that has been specifically brewed to adapt to the reduction of taste and smell sensitivity in high altitudes.

The beer will be presented by Cicerone-trained cabin crew, offering expertise in beer 35,000ft in the air.

BrewDog inflight care packages will be available on board, including BrewDog eye masks and blankets.

Also available: food and pair combos that replace your usual odd-tasting in-flight meal, more beer in Columbus, hotel accommodations, and museum tours.

This all goes down in 2019 between February 21 and the 25th. 


Some important details: The package costs $1600, the Boeing 767 only holds 210 people, and most importantly, it’s currently only open to people BrewDog refers to as “Equity Punks.” The “Punks” are the 80,000 or so investors in the business.

Technically, Heineken and Dutch airline KLM  beat BrewDog to this kind of idea, though though they did not, admittedly, change the airline’s name and serve only craft brew hipsters from there on out.

So you want to do this? Hit that Equity Punk link first. 

Don’t worry, there are probably more crazy BrewDog ideas to come. 

They should do some kind of “beer in space” thing next, maybe partner with Elon Musk—even though he’s apparently a tequila man.