Watch This Sneaky Thief Steal the ‘World’s Most Expensive’ Bottle of Vodka From a Danish Bar

That’s $1.3 million worth of booze.

Photo: Dartz Motor Company

An audacious thief made away with the “world’s most expensive” bottle of vodka from a Copenhagen bar. Watch the sneaky bastard pull of his hooch heist below:

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The ultra-luxe, $1.3 million vessel is made from 13 pounds of silver and gold and topped with a diamond-encrusted cap. BBC reports that it serves as a commemoration of Russian automaker Russo-Baltique’s 100th anniversary. 

You definitely won’t see it at your local liquor store, but you may have spotted it in House of Cards.

In season 3, episode 3, as the Underwood administration hosts the Russian president Viktor Petrov at a White House dinner, replicas of Russo-Baltique bottles make an appearance. 

Still: Netlix/Business Insider

The real-life bottle had been on loan at Copenhagen bar Cafe 33 for six months from the Latvia-based Dartz motor company. 

The Danish hot spot’s owner, Brian Ingberg, featured Russo-Baltique alongside a display of 1,200 other vodkas.

Worst of all, Ingberg says that the bottle was uninsured.

If you see any Russo-Baltique vodka pop up on eBay, give Ingberg a heads up. 

h/t: Time