This $16.7 Million Whisky Collection Is Officially the World’s Most Valuable

Ultra rare Macallan and Bowmore bottles are just some of the pricey expressions featured in this top-shelf stash.

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After 20 years of amassing some of the finest Scotch ever made, a Vietnamese businessman has been declared the Guinness World Record holder for the most valuable whisky collection.  

Ho Chi Minh City resident Viet Nguyen Dinah Tuan’s stash of truly top-shelf bottles thwarts that of “The Ultimate Whisky Collector,” which recently fetched a total of $10 million at a Sotheby’s auction, according to Whisky Advocate. It included a 1926 Macallan that that took the world record for the most expensive bottle, selling for $1.9 million

Viet, however, has an estimated $13.9 million in whisky on his hands. Forbes reports that if he took the collection to auction the value would increase to the $16.75 million figure listed by Guinness. 

Included is the one of the world’s only complete Macallan Fine & Rare trio, of which the aforementioned Macallan 1926 is a part of. He also holds just one of 12 bottles of the oldest Bowmore whisky ever released and one of 24 bottles of a 1919 Springbank, which recently sold for $283,00. 

“My first reaction was one of surprise,” Viet said of the honor.
“However, I’m really happy and feel honored to be recognized by Guinness World Records as the owner of the world’s most valuable whisky collection. It feels like an acknowledgment of all my hard work and dedication over the past 20 years”, he said.

Well-heeled scotch and whisky enthusiasts hoping to purchase one of Viet’s pricey expressions, however, are out of luck. 

“As for my collection, I have no intention of selling any of it. Not one bottle. In fact, I’ll continue to hunt for more old and rare bottles and add to and enrich it.”