Here Are Playstation VR’s 10 Greatest Games, Ranked

Which of Sony’s new Virtual Reality games reigns supreme?

PlaystationVR has made its way onto the heads of gamers around the world. We told you about the hardware, now check out the must-have games for Sony’s new experience.

 10. Rise of the Tomb Raider

The Tomb Raider reboot has finally made it to PS4 and, with it, comes the Blood Ties DLC that takes Lara into VR for the first time. If Rise wasn’t a great game in its own right, this probably wouldn’t have made our list but we’ll gladly take such a great game AND the tacked-on VR 

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9. Tumble

Originally a PS3 game, Tumble’s studio, Supermassive, ported over this puzzling gem into the VR realm, pushing you to hone your hand-eye coordination and tactility in VR. The puzzles start simple by asking you to build towers and bridges but soon ramp up to hair-pulling puzzles for you to solve. 

8. Until Dawn: Rush of Blood

Every VR platform needs a horror experience to show off just how truly terrifying a virtual world can be. Until Dawn is the PS4 exclusive to fill that role. In a sea of games that may cause you some nausea, Until Dawn is the one that might cause you to wet your pants.

 7. Playstation VR Worlds

Just like Wii Sports, sometimes the game bundled in the box is the most fun. VR Worlds offers up a few simple experiences that really demonstrate what Sony’s headset is capable of delivering. Street luging, deep sea diving and a fast-paced heist and escape are the highlights here, hinting at much more of what Sony has in store for their new peripheral. 

6. Super Hypercube

Blending elements of Tetris with the unique aspects of gameplay only available in VR, Super Hypercube asks you to rotate a shape in space to fit it through a wall. Simple. Or it is until you advance a few rounds and that shape grows irregular and large. The fast-paced puzzling action is one of the most unique we’ve found for PSVR yet.

5. Battlezone VR

An online multiplayer gem, it’s a whole lot of fun to jump into Battlezone’s vehicle-based combat with or without friends. As you traverse the game’s board, tearing up enemies and upgrading your tank, it’s impossible not to think about the old vector based arcade games and how cool it is to pull a Tron and become a part of the game itself.

 4. Thumper

Riffing on the rhythm genre, Thumper sets you hurtling through a hype-stylized neon track, asking you to react to the beat and progress as a result. It takes a mere two buttons to play Thumper but, with it’s intricate scoring system and addictive quality, it takes much longer to master.

3. Farpoint

Even though Farpoint drops you into a shooting experience against alien bugs a la Starship Troopers, it’s also got some of the most realistic gunplay we’ve seen so far in VR. You don’t need to have the gun-shaped PSVR peripheral to play Farpoint but the heft and feel of it certainly don’t hurt. Either way, get ready to shoot your way through the shit in Farpoint’s interstellar world.

2. RIGs: Mechanized Combat League

Don a gundam-style mech suit and take to the arena for 3v3 deathmatches in RIGs. It’s not just one of the best examples of VR first-person shooting we’ve seen so far, it’s also the first competitive VR multiplayer to hit the scene where you can play against friends online.

1. Batman: Arkham VR

There’s a long-standing pedigree with the Arkham series and Batman’s first foray into VR continues it. Armed with batarangs, grappling hook and evidence scanner, Arkham VR is focused on Batman as the world’s greatest detective more than his combat prowess. If any game will convince you that VR is the future, Arkham is it.