10 Essentials For Tailgating in the 2013 Football Season

Be a parking-lot MVP with the slickest in new pre- and postgame gear.

SunBrite 3260HD Weatherproof TV

One reason football wins: It’s the only sport that doesn’t give a damn about rain or snow or locust invasions. And neither should your tailgate. Our favorite rainproof, sunproof, bulletproof (attention, Bears fans!) 1366x768p TV lets you tune in to tackles in even the most extreme conditions—frigid freezes as low as -24ºF or heat waves up to 122ºF. $1,495

Sony LBT-GPX77 Sound System

Tailgating parking lots are basically boom-box battles royal—he who makes the most noise wins. The best way to cheat your way to the top: this Bluetooth- and AirPlay-enabled sound system, which blasts 1,800 watts of windshield-shaking sound, courtesy of your car’s cigarette-lighter plug. Lighter adapter sold separately. $700

Boelter Brands NFL Portable Party Fridge

Get this customizable party icebox to feature your favorite team. Then just plug it into your car charger and it will chill down as many as two dozen beers. Share with a friend. $200


Best part about sunny game days: mesh tan lines through your jersey. Worst: lukewarm Natty Light. This half-keg-size drink cozy keeps your barrel of brew cold for five hours—with no ice! $40


There are two ways to have a toasty seat by kickoff: Hire an intern to warm it or turn on this battery-heated folding chair. It works up to six hours with a rear-roasting max heat of 145ºF. $72

Geigerrig Rig 1600 Pressurized Hydration Pack

While you were busy ‘gatin’, your hydration pack and Super-Soaker made a baby. The result: A pressurized pack delivers its contents water gun style, letting you wet your whistle with little effort. Finally a hydration system that doesn’t make you suck! Dignity not guaranteed. $175

Mr. Heater Hero Portable Heater

Having hot gas blown in your face is usually an unpleasant experience. Not so with this totally cordless, propane-powered portable heater, which can run up to eight hours on a single charge. $280

Customizable-by-Team Cornhole

Making it onto the NFL gridiron takes years of dedication and training. Playing cornhole on this rig takes a Benjamin and one arm that can swing back and forth. $100

Kelty Tailgater IPA Shelter

This tent ties onto your roof rack, endowing you with 46 square feet of prime parking lot real estate and shelter for rained-out tailgating hotties. $150

Weber Go-Anywhere Gas Grill

It uses disposable cylinders to heat 160 square inches of cooking space and is light enough to carry with one hand, so the other can carry the wienies. Wait, that didn’t come out right. $70