The 13 Smartphone Apps You Need Right Now

It’s not smart if you don’t pay for its education.

Your smartphone is only as good as the apps on it. With over a million now available, upgrading is getting complicated. Some programettes are all about getting down to business and others are just going to tease you. The only solution: Let us play digital wingman and point you in the right direction. 

This collection of incredible apps will not only make your life easier, it will eliminate any need to ever look up from your phone or cultivate an interior monologue or fully process that weird thing that happened with your college roommate. Consider this the ultimate upgrade.

Burner 3.0

We’ve all been there before: You meet somebody you want to be able to contact, but you don’t want to contact you. Enter Burner, the perfect solution to keeping in contact without giving out your actual digits. It’s simple— you get some credits, choose an area code, and voila, a new, throw-away number for you to use however you choose.

Available for: iPhone and Android


Booze on demand. Has there ever been a more heavenly match? With MiniBar, simply browse the expansive selection of beer, wine, and spirits from your phone or computer. In under an hour, you’ll receive the goods right to your door. MiniBar is available in 13 U.S. cities with many more to come.

Available for:iPhone and Android


A wise man once told us that every smart gentleman knows how much he has – and how much he owes. Stay on top of your funds with the beautifully designed, Level. Never concern yourself with budgeting again because with a few taps the app’s money meter gives you a quick, but detailed, glimpse at your current balance. 

Available for:iOS and Android

Pacemaker DJ

Diplo who? Mix and match your favorite tracks and unleash your inner DJ with Pacemaker. The incredibly easy-to-use music app lets you link your iTunes and Spotify accounts so you’ll have access to millions of tracks too. You’ll be looping, dropping, and blending with just a few taps. 

Available for:iPad

Inbox by Gmail

Don’t let a bloated inbox ruin your productivity. Take your email management to the next level with Inbox by Gmail. This email app, specially made by the experts who know it best— Google, will help you rip through all those unread messages in no time.

Available for:iPhone and Android

Hotel Tonight

You never know when you’ll need to book a hotel at the last minute. Hotel Tonight is perfect for when you want to host a late night rendezvous but can’t have a lady showing up to your messy apartment. 

Available for:iOSAndroid and Windows Phone


Statistics say that an additional display increases productivity by up to 48%. Supercharge getting things done with Duet. The app is made by ex-Apple engineers and turns your iPad or iPhone into a second screen for your Mac. 

Available for:Apple Device


The iPhone has a great camera but sometimes the automatic feature is a little limiting. Give your pictures a unique edge with Manual. The camera app gives you much more freedom to shoot beautiful, custom photos. Tweak your white balance, shutter speed, focus, or exposure compensation and you’ll look like a pro the next time you post a killer Instagram.

Available for:iPhone

Monument Valley

Monument Valley is gorgeous, simple puzzle game that takes full advantage of the iPhone’s incredible display and graphics processor. The surreal exploration game is praised for its fantastic architecture and impossible geometry. Apple even named it Game of the Year for 2014 and rewarded its developers with the prestigious Design Award.

Available for:iOSAndroid, and Kindle Fire


Forget unlocking your Mac with a password. MacID uses the iPhone’s TouchID sensor to open your laptop with just your fingerprint. The brand-new app works with multiple computers and you’ll never be inconvenienced again by having typing in a password over and over.

Available for:Mac and iPhone


It’s easy to miss things if you don’t have your phone right next to you for every second of the day. To eliminate the FOMO use Pushbullet. It’s a simple app that lets you see texts and calls while working on your computer. Even better, you won’t have to ever email yourself files or links you want to remember because, you can push files to your phone with a single clink.

Available for:iOS and Android


The best way to grab seats at a reasonable price, SeatGeek shows you the best deals at every show and every game. It works for last-minute deciders and guarantees long-term planners that they’re getting a good deal. And the venue diagrams make a world of difference.

Available for:iOS


The idea of paying for a reservation might sound crazy; it isn’t. Resy allows you to book tables at hot restaurants at the last minute. Does it cost a bit extra? A bit. And it’s absolutely worth it when you look like the smoothest guy in the world in front of your date. 

Available for:iOS and Android

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