The 15 Snapchat Accounts You Should Follow

Ephemera never felt so good.

Snapchat isn’t going anywhere any time soon. Madonna is releasing a new video on the platform,, which has been valued at $10 billion, today. Also, been around anyone under the age of 20? This is basically the only way they communicate. To help you fill out the people you follow on Snapchat beyond just your friend who keeps sending you pictures of the zit he’s about to pop, here are some snapchatters that really deserve a follow.

And before you dive in, be sure to follow Maxim‘s Snapchat account!

Casey Neistat: The director first popped onto the scene with his popular YouTtube series, but has seamlessly transitioned over to Snapchat, where he uses his “Snap Stories” series to highlight his observational brand of humor and criticism.

lacma_museum:  As far as modern art museums go, you can’t get much cooler than LACMA. Their Snapchat proves it, highlighting their collection in a fun, Internet-savvy way.

Mplatco: Mike Platco is like the Picasso of Snapchat doodles. If you want some ideas for how to pretty up your own portraits, he’s the guy to follow.

Jeromejarre: Consider Jerome Jarre the David Foster Wallace of Snapchat, except less smart. But the stories he tells are just as long! Expect a lot of positivity from this follow, so if you’re looking to brighten your day, Jerome’s the man.

Shonduras: Shaun McBride, AKA Shonduras, lets his index finger do the talking, filling his snaps with awesome drawings and cartoons. For sheer mastery of the form, he’s worth the follow.

ChrisCarm: ChrisCarm is a man with a bandana. He has many struggles with his bandana that are pretty funny, if not a bit alarming by how into bandanas this guy is. Worth the follow for the slight OCD of it all.

AnastasiaAshley: The big-wave surfer and model will distract you from the frozen hellscape outside and imagine a different life for yourself, one where you’re actually surfing with Anastasia Ashley.

ArsenicTV: Not exactly safe for work, the ArsenicTV snapchat account will keep you in supply of beautiful naked women.

Dabttll: Another finger-artist, Dasha Batelle’s take on art and pop culture is a lot of fun, especially as you realize these detailed snaps were created on a phone screen.

Mileyxxcyrus: Miley’s life is crazy, but there seems a method to her madness. Or maybe it’s all just madness. Whatever – she’s a bit of an over-sharer, but sometimes that’s not the worst.

TheAcidRapper: Chance The Rapper is poised to have a huge year. He’s also an incredibly nice, funny guy. Join him on his journey to a very strange place.

Badgalrihanna: Trust us. Follow Rihanna. Her life is a constant joy to us all.

LivelyBK: Class up your Snapchat feed with a few dispatches from the life of Blake Lively. 

SelenaGomez: And then get ready for a whole bunch of debauchery and drama from the world of Selena Gomez, who is very much living from snap to snap.

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