You Can Now Buy a 20-Foot Inflatable Party ‘Speedboat’ on Amazon

It has room for six and a built-in cooler.

Sun Pleasure Inflatable

One publication has called this a “speedboat” but there’s nothing speedy about it. Which may be the point. Nope, from Amazon and Sun Pleasure Inflatable, this is a straight-up float, meant for chilling and lounging, with a twist.

A few twists, really—one is its shape, which is admittedly pretty speedboat-y, the others are its sheer size and available amenities. This is basically an ultra-affordable floating party for six waiting to happen.

Sun Pleasure Inflatables

It’s listed on Amazon with the following description:

Whether you want to ride, play, or lounge, this mega-sized float is right for you. It’s large enough for the whole family–kids and adults will enjoy fun in the sun together.

The float includes an inflated rear swim platform with five handles for easy mounting and dismounting, eight cup holders and a built-in cooler. An inflatable bench seat provides comfortable seating for plenty of friends to hang out.

…You can use it on land or water, as poolside furniture, on your patio or deck–any location. The simple to use safety valve makes inflating and deflating fast and easy, allowing you to inflate to your desired comfort level. Add more air for more firmness, less air for more softness. The inflatable float is the perfect way to combine big relaxation and big recreation in your backyard swimming pool, lake, bay or even on the lawn…

Sounds pretty appealing, right? Summer has just begun so there at least two good months of sun and fun to go if this looks good. 

Sun Pleasure Inflatable

Some specs: 

  • It holds a maximum of 6
  • Has a built-in cooler (see above)
  • Sports 5 handles for easy coming ashore
  • 8 cup holders
  • It’s made from durable “heavy-gauge PVC” 
  • Release valve is designed for quick inflation and deflation

The manufacturer doesn’t include a battery-operated pump to use for inflation.

If this will make lazy summer weekends complete, then check it out at Amazon, where it goes for a mere $340 USD.