This Insane Laser Bazooka Is 33 Million Times More Intense Than The Sun

A Youtuber has created some kind of supervillain weapon.

We’re one step closer to the laser guns used in Star Wars and every other sci-fi action flick. Thanks to laser-obsessed Youtuber Drake Anthony (styropyro), humanity now has a portable laser that’s puts out light 33 million times more intense than looking into the sun.

For comparison, Anthony points out in his video that a handheld laser pointer is .005 watts—which is the FDA limit. Naturally, in the pursuit of science and just being cool, he built a laser that’s 40,000 times more powerful.

While it just looks like a big flashlight being turned on and off in the video, it’s actually such intense light that looking at it without custom eye protection gear could blind you.

This bad boy easily ignites gunpowder, burns through wood and cardboard and instantly pops balloons. 

Anthony ends the video saying he’s going to try and make lasers with megawatts of power and frankly, we can’t wait to see that. Just as long as we’re safely watching his creation on video and not on the receiving end of the beam.