These Ludicrously Luxurious Speakers Cost As Much as a House

This insane four-piece audio system goes for a whopping $280,000.

The €250

YAR Audio only plans to handcraft 100 of their elite, impeccable, otherworldly Ultimate Audio Systems. It takes them about three months to do each ultra high-end $280,000 system in their facility in Italy, with every minute cog and material either chosen or designed by them.

Co-founder Giancarlo Sopegno’s original inspiration five years ago was to create the most pristine audio component stand possible, which has evolved into their sound and image enhancing, carbon fiber-clad Feeld

The Feeld base improves components' audio quality
The Feeld base improves components’ audio quality (Photo: YAR Audio)

Next they realized the need to design a complete sound system, continuing with the UFO-like integrated amplifier they call B-yond, a powerful key to delivering perfect audio.

The otherworldly B-yond integrated amplifier.
The otherworldly B-yond integrated amplifier (Photo: YAR Audio)

The final piece of their ultra-luxurious audio endeavor was engineering “Y-der,” incredible speakers that combine the best of both the bookshelf and floor-standing speaker worlds. According to YAR, they’re low profile. Uh, right. Like you probably didn’t even notice those curvy, five-foot tall things in the photo at the top of this post.

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To truly customize this system, you get to choose some of the materials, such as which exotic hardwoods and precious metals you’d like to incorporate into the design. 

Included in the asking price, YAR ensures optimal acoustics and installation by flying two of their audio specialists to whichever of your fine homes around the world you’d like to this system to make other audiophiles jealous. And as a final touch, you get to engrave your own signature on them. (The components, not the audio specialists.)

YAR will be hosting extremely exclusive listening events at select locations around the globe, including New York and Los Angeles here in the United States. If you’re interested in attending one (or just buying the system outright), contact them through the website.