3-D Gadgets for Summer

The latest 3-D gear goes beyond the multidimensional multiplex.  

The latest 3-D gear goes beyond the multidimensional multiplex.

LG 55LW5600 Cinema 3D LED HDTV

Watch a 3-D TV long enough and you’ll find yourself tweaking like a hillbilly on a meth binge. The reason: Most sets rely on active shutter glasses, which work by rapidly flickering their lenses, for an epileptic experience that’s roughly equivalent to watching TV through a fan. The LG 55LW5600 Cinema 3D LED HDTV uses the same flicker-free glasses as 3-D theaters, making it easier to get through marathon movie sessions vomit-free. $2,400, lg.com

Hasbro my3D Goggles

Snap the Hasbro my3D goggles onto your iPhone or iPod Touch and you’re suddenly staring into a View-Master-like full-on 3-D screen. Crazier still, its games use your iDevice’s gyroscope to track movement for 360-degree virtual reality game play. Best used in padded rooms. $35, hasbro.com

Oakley 3D Gascans

The only thing grosser than Avatar braid sex? Your multiplex’s recycled 3-D glasses, which have likely rubbed more noses than a slutty Eskimo. One solution is to show up at a screening with your own specs, like the Oakley 3D Gascans, which trump the theater freebies for optics, comfort, and hygiene. $120, oakley.com

Nintendo 3DS

In a year, when every phone, tablet, and toaster has a glasses- free 3-D screen, you’ll have the Nintendo 3DS to thank. For now the tech isn’t ready for the big screen. The problem: You have to stay in a narrow sweet spot for the 3-D to work. This is manageable for a handheld device but would make TV time a stationary—and probably solo—sport. $250, nintendo.com