This 3-D Motion Capture Sensor Will Make Your Bat Blast

Easton’s Power Sensor unlocks the science of your swing.

If your team doesn’t have matching jerseys, wear cleats, play regularly or keep score reliably, this gadget probably isn’t for you. Only the serious player looking to discover the minutiae of how his swing can improve will want to shell out $150  to pop one of these Power Sensors on the end of his bat.

Through a recent partnership with Blast Motion, Easton’s now offering this high-tech hitting accessory, which (through a companion app running on your iOS7+ device) captures your three dimensional swing, delivering info about your speed, power and efficiency. These stats, overlaid on adaptive slow motion video that automatically slows down as it senses your bat’s entering the hitting area, ultimately combine to give you a “Blast Factor Score.” The goal is simple: get that number as high as possible.

As you analyze and improve your swing, you can compare each new performance with ones from the past, mark your best and share them with your teammates and frienemies along the way. The package comes complete with the sensor, bat attachment and a wireless charger.

Photos by Easton