Check Out These Futuristic 3D-Printed Houses That Cost Less Than $4,000 And Take Just Hours To Build

Would you live in one?

3D-Printed House Promo
Photo: ICON

Forget about paying a high-interest mortgage on your house until the end of time. In the near future, you could buy a modest 3D-printed home for the less than the price of a 2010 Honda Civic. 

It might sound too good to be true, but Austin-based startup ICON unveiled its method for printing single-story 650-square foot houses in less than 24 hours at South by Southwest this week.

Still: ICON
Still: ICON

Better yet, they’ve partnered with nonprofit charity New Story to bring the technology to impoverished areas across Latin America. 

“We have been building homes for communities in Haiti, El Salvador, and Bolivia,” Alexandria Lafci, co-founder of New Story, told The Verge.   

Each home is constructed out of concrete and is comprised of a living room, bedroom, bathroom, and a curved porch. 

Still: ICON
Still: ICON
Still: ICON

The current cost of each is an ultra-cheap $10,000, but Lafci believes the price will eventually be brought down to just $4,000, potentially around the time ICON begins printing houses stateside. 

The Verge has further details: 

It’s capable of printing a home that’s 800 square feet, a significantly bigger structure than properties pushed by the tiny home movement, which top out at about 400 square feet. 

The company also intends to build homes in the US  

“(ICON) believes, as do I, that 3D printing is going to be a method for all kinds of housing,” Lafci said.

Still: ICON

Hey, you can’t beat the price. 

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