4 Robotic Bartenders That Will Make You The Perfect Cocktail

Your favorite pastime just got futuristic.

When we first heard about the Miracle Machine – the sleek gadget that miraculously turned water into wine– we immediately celebrated (by getting drunk on wine). But a few weeks after the supposed startup company introduced the alcohol contraption of our dreams, it was revealed that the invention was a promotional hoax for Wine to Water, a non-profit organization that brings clean water to developing countries. Obviously we can’t hate them too much, since it was for a good cause, but we’ll admit, we’re still a little bummed. Luckily, there are a few gadgets currently on the market that are even cooler, like these four robotic bartenders we managed to snoop out. And unlike the Miracle Machine, they actually practice what they preach: Making you the perfect beverage. Check out the list below and anticipate that glorious, robot-assisted buzz. 

Monsieur: The Robot Bartender

We had the honor of experiencing this awesome piece of machinery firsthand when the creators of Monsieur paid the Maxim office a visit, providing us with a stellar two-hour break from the workday. With a price range of $1,499-$2,669 (depending on the model), this at-home robotic bartender serves up your favorite cocktails with the click of a button. Boasting a delightful touchscreen face and an epic 300-strong list of cocktail recipes, Monsieur makes having a party – or a night in alone – that much more appealing. But the best part about the machine has to be that you can order your drink right from your phone, before you even walk in the door. Ah, laziness. 



Originally a Kickstarter project, Bartendro is a robotic cocktail maker that can get a drink in your hand in less than ten seconds – or roughly 20 hours less than it takes to get a drink in a bar. With the ability to serve up to 200 drinks a night, this high-tech machine looks like something from the set of a sci-fi movie, with its transparent design and glowing lights. And what’s better than watching a futuristic robot make you a Buttery Nipple? Absolutely nothing, besides drinking it, of course. 

Makr Shakr

M.I.T’s SENSEable City Lab is taking a page straight out of The Terminator with the Makr Shakr, a massive bartending robot totally capable of replacing the flesh and blood of an actual bartender (despite the maker’s assurances that, that isn’t the intention). Made up of three robotic arms and run entirely from an app, users are encouraged to place their order via phone and watch as the hands concoct their choice of beverage. Not only is the machine able to shake, mix, and pour drinks, it also has the ability to add necessary garnishes. Basically, this thing is better than any mixologist we’ve ever met, and we’re hoping it starts making an appearance at our favorite pub.  

The Inebriator

Created for the sole purpose of not having to partake in the drudgery known as making a vodka tonic, this sweet drink machine makes things easy with an LCD screen. Just grab a glass, fill it with ice, pick your poison, and prepare to get inebriated. Although the gadget is currently not for sale, we’re saving up just in case. 

Photos by Photo: lechatnoir/ Getty Images