This Tough Tactical Pen Could Save Your Life

Not only can it kill an assailant–but it writes pretty well, too.

Tactical Double Duty 1.5 Pen (Photo: 5.11)

No, you never want to bring a knife to a gunfight. But what about a pen to a knife fight? Maybe, if you’ve got fast hands—and at least one of them’s holding 5.11’s Double Duty Tactical Pen 1.5.

Its durable aerospace aluminum construction features a subdued matte black finish, with a knurled grip to help you confidently subdue a would-be assailant, if the occasion should call for it.

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But this last-ditch self-defense weapon is actually a great writing implement as well, with a Fisher Space Pen PR4 Medium Point Black ink cartridge. It writes upside down, underwater and 3 1/2 times longer than the average ball point cartridge.

One of the pen's business ends (Photo: 5.11)
One of the pen’s business ends (Photo: 5.11)

With just one color and one size, this mighty pen is available on 5.11’s site for $60. For one reason or another, you’ll be glad you carry it everyday.