This Awesome ‘Operator Axe’ Can Solve Any Situation

24 tools and functions, one badass piece of steel.

The super handy Operator Axe (Photo: 5.11)

Produced in collaboration with Iraq War veteran Kyle Lamb of Viking Tactics, 5.11’s Operator Axe ($160) can help you pound, pry, twist and chop your way out of almost any situation.

Just 15 inches long and less than two pounds even with its two-piece ambidextrous sheath attached, this MOLLE-compatible multi-tool is easy to carry along. And with two dozen functions, you’ll be glad you did.

Built into this solid, one-piece stainless steel tool are a serious hammer, pry bar and bearded axe in the head and a sheetmetal-cutting tool at the other end. Within the handle, you’ll find sockets and both standard and metric markings and wrenches.

Its jimped shaft will give you a reliable grip, whether you’re looking to tighten bolts, pry open a door, bust through a window or cut up kindling for the evening fire. Basically, it’s everything you ever wanted in an axe.