The 6 Best Rifle Scopes For Hunting Game

Whether you’re gunning for deer, wild hogs or some other critter, set your sights on these premium scopes. 

There are three reasons you’d need a scope: You’re a hunter, a competitive shooter, or a military sniper. And take it from Corey Clancy, a guy who spent five years as a sniper in the Marines and another six for various government agencies: If you’re just a hunter, don’t try to prove your mettle by shooting from a mile away, even with the most high-powered scope.

“Typically, hunters are going to stay within 500 yards of their target,” says Clancy, now lead instructor at the GPS Sniper School in Arizona. Anything longer than that, he says, and you’re unlikely to get that kill shot. Clancy helped vet our selection, which is aimed squarely at hunters.